December 28, 2023 | 7223 Views | By Patrick Smith

User Interface Tips for ON1 Photo RAW 2024–When Coming from Version 2023

Experience the newly revamped user interface and substantial improvements in ON1 Photo RAW 2024. To facilitate your navigation and ensure you don’t miss any essential elements or controls, we’ve highlighted key changes for your convenience.

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In this article, we cover the following:

How to Access Your Files

You’ll still find your local drives etc on the left-hand side under Local Drives just like the previous versions.

Breadcrumb Navigation (has been updated in version 2024)

Previously in ON1 Photo RAW 2023, the breadcrumb navigation was located at the top of Browse.

New in ON1 Photo RAW 2024

In the latest release, the breadcrumbs are now located at the bottom of Browse.


You can also click the right-side downward chevron to pop up Folder, Favorites, Albums, and File locations.

Locating the App Icons for the other Edit modules

By default, we have hidden all the in-app icons for a more clean look in the user interface. In the previous version of ON1 Photo RAW 2023, you accessed the Edit (including Resize) modules on the upper right-hand side. You can turn these views back on under the Window Menu and choose ‘Show Right Bumper’.

You can also enable ‘Show Browse Shortcuts’ if you want the left-hand side pane shortcuts to be visible.

Below is a screenshot of the Browse Shortcuts enabled.

Opening Images into the Edit Modules

To open an image in the individual modules, simply click on ‘More’ icon to get a list to select the individual modules.

Filtering & Searching in Browse


You can also access saved search filters and smart album settings from the pulldown below.


The sort order options in Browse are also located at the top right. See below.


Enabling and Adding Multiple Filters and Advanced Search Options

Showing the Tool Options Bar

Each time you select a tool, a set of options for the tool is in the Tool Options bar above the main image preview window. By default, in version 2024 it requires you to hover your cursor over this area for the options to appear. If you want to see the tool options bar all the time without having to hover, go to the View menu and at the bottom uncheck ‘Auto Hide Tool Option Bar’.

Controlling the Properties Inspector (for Masking, Blending, and Text)

In Photo RAW 2024, blending options, text options, and masking options are combined into a new floating panel called the Properties Inspector. Users can open and close tabs by clicking, making it more space-efficient. A new autohide feature (available in 2024.1 and released in December 2023) collapses the inspector automatically, enhancing user configurability. Even better, the inspector can be nested in the right-hand control group for even more convenience. The auto-collapse options provide flexibility for collapsing and expanding as needed. Just go to the Window menu, and choose each option from the Properties menu item.