November 8, 2021 | 6787 Views | By Dan Harlacher

Top 10 Reasons Export is the Best Image Converter

When we set out to build the best photo editing software, we discovered there are always ways to improve in different areas. Over the years, we’ve received A LOT of feedback from ON1 Photo RAW owners and how they want to export photos. In the new version 2022, the ultimate photo editor, we took over 100 customer suggestions and rebuilt Export from the ground up. Our goal was to deliver the most powerful export and image converter you can imagine. You will immediately appreciate the ease of use, flexibility, and control you have in the newly remastered Export.

In new Export, presets are king. Photo RAW 2022 owners can run them right from the file menu and run more than one simultaneously. Let’s say you’ve gone through your editing session and needed to create small JPGs for your website and full-sized TIF files for backup at the same time. Well, Export now allows you to do that in one job.

For many photographers’ workflow, the naming of the files and the folders they are stored in are critical to their workflow. And every photographer uses a different naming scheme. You will see that the file renaming is infinitely flexible, as is the creation of destination folders. The key to this is using metadata to create file and folder names. For example, you could name your photos with a job name, add the time of capture and the original file number, then organize them in folders based on date. Boom, it’s that easy.

One of the more sought-after features we implemented is using multiple watermarks simultaneously and using either text or graphics for the watermarks. Resizing is more powerful and flexible than ever. And finally, you have control over what metadata is written to exported files. There’s so much more in Export, and you have to try it to see everything it can do.

Here are 10 Reasons You Will Love the New Export

  1. ON1 customers drove the new features in export. We took over 100 suggestions from our customers.
  2. Powerful file naming and destination options allow you to use virtually any custom text, date, number, or metadata options when naming or organizing.
  3. Multiple, simultaneous exports allow you to create numerous versions, each with its settings at the same time. For example, create small JPGs for a website and full-sized TIF files for backup at the same time.
  4. You can create presets to store and replay your most-used export setting. You can then quickly access your export presets from the File menu without opening or configuring a new export process. It even remembers your last export settings, and you can use them quickly with a shortcut key.
  5. You have complete control over the metadata that is embedded into your photos. You can maintain everything, remove sensitive data like GPS or camera info, and assign metadata templates on exporting.
  6. Add watermarks using text, including metadata or images. You can add any amount of watermarks to the same photo.
  7. You now have total flexibility in resizing your photos. You can resize based on width or height, long or short dimensions, megapixels, percentage, and control the fit or fill when sizing to a fixed size.
  8. Another enhancement is the broad support for exported file types with full options for color profile, bit-depth, resolution, compression, and transparency. You can export exact copies of the original or convert them to DNG files or layered PSD files in addition to formats like TIF, JPG, PNG, etc.
  9. Send your exported photos to an application, create a zip archive, or run a script to automate the results.
  10. You get the most complete range of options versus any other exporter or image converter.

More About Our Photo Editing Software Applications
The new Export is included in ON1 Photo RAW 2022 and also the individual products. ON1 Photo RAW 2022 is the ultimate photo editor. It’s also a powerful raw processor. Owners of previous versions get all of the features they’ve come to love in Photo RAW built-in like Browse, Effects, Portrait, HDR, Resize and get a new set of technologies and features like Sky Swap AI, NoNoise AI, Time-Lapse, and much more! It’s the perfect solution for those looking for stand alone photo editing software. It’s also great for those seeking a Lightroom alternative.

For those who use Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, Affinity Photo, Corel Paintshop, or Apple Photos, take a look at the ON1 Plugins. Especially if you are looking to make your workflow more efficient or use better technologies. The product line in the ON1 Professional Plugin Series focuses on bringing ON1’s editing technologies into existing professional photo workflows with a more integrated experience.

First take a look at ON1 NoNoise AI. NoNoise AI offers the best results from any photo noise reduction software based on specific user tastes. The fast live previews of the adjustments make it easy to control the amount of noise in your photos. It includes raw file support for over 800 cameras, including Fujifilm.

ON1 Effects, includes hundreds of the best photo effects, looks, and styles built into the software, allowing customers to apply professional looks to their photos without complex editing skills. The powerful masking tools and blending options allow for local and global adjustments to any photo effect. Each setting in ON1 Effects is also re-editable, allowing users to adjust any of their settings later on when using as a plugin to Lightroom or plugin to Photoshop.

ON1 Resize has long been the industry standard for photo enlargements. Featuring ON1’s industry-leading Genuine Fractals® technology, Resize 2022 is a must-have for image resizing for the highest quality photo enlargements and prints.

ON1 Portrait AI is a portrait photographer and retoucher’s dream software. It’s simply better portrait editing. The application automatically retouches each face in photos with a click of a button using frequency separation technology. It also recognizes each face in photos independently and applies the correct amount of retouching, utilizing machine-learning.. The batch processing capability included in Portrait AI is the solution for eliminating long portrait retouching sessions. Like ON1 Effects, each setting in ON1 Portrait AI is also re-editable, allowing users to adjust settings later on when working from Lightroom and Photoshop.

ON1 HDR is an ultra-fast way to produce incredible natural-looking HDR photos. It quickly renders a preview of your HDR photo without having any delays like other HDR applications. Complete control of motion in images like water with live deghosting is also handy. ON1 HDR includes everything you need to make a great-looking HDR photo, including tone & color, layers, retouching, and special effects.

These products work as plugins for Lightroom, plugins for Photoshop, plugins for Capture One, plugins for Apple Photos, and plugins for Affinity Photo.