Time-lapse Photography

ON1 Insider – A Sneak Peek at Time-Lapse

Time-lapse photography is a lot of fun to create. Pretty soon, there will be a super-fast and easy way to create these videos right inside of ON1 Photo RAW. This video shows how you can quickly make your selection of photos, preview the results, and export a time-lapse video.

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Time-lapse Photography using a DSLR

We’re going to wrap the month up with Intro to Time-lapse Photography using a DSLR or, interchangeable lens camera. I’ll review equipment and camera settings, and then I’ll share my workflow for creating a time-lapse using individual frames, adding some creative editing, syncing the edits to all images and stitching them together for a final time-lapse video clip.

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Time-lapse with GoPro & ON1 Photo RAW 2017

This week we focus on action cameras. I have a GoPro Hero 5 and will do several time-lapse videos using various mounts and using both Time-lapse Video and Time-lapse Photo modes. And finally we will process a Time-lapse Photo clip using the free GoPro software Studio as well as adding creative touches in ON1 Photo RAW with final video rendering using Quicktime Player.

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Time-lapse: Androids, Intervals & Shutter Speed

Laurie did a great video last week on capturing time-lapse footage with an iPhone. I wanted to showcase how I use my Android (a Pixel) to capture time-lapse and do a little comparison between the time-lapse output of a smartphone vs a big camera. It’s a short video, but somehow I manage to wander into a discussion of determining what interval to choose for your time-lapse as well as optimizing time-lapse shutter speeds. Below the break I added a little cheat sheet for the interval calculation:

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Shooting Time-lapse with iPhone

Welcome to week two of Introduction to Time-lapse Photography. This week I am going to share some of my techniques for creating time-lapse with my smart phone. I will cover in-camera time-lapse as well as how to use Apps to gain more creative control. And, finally, I’ll go over some basic post processing techniques that I use to help make my time-lapse videos pop.
Editor’s note: Android users, a rumor is going around that Hudson will have a video rebuttal of sorts coming soon!

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Intro to Time-lapse Photography

Communicating our experiences requires the use of time/shutter speed to portray stop action or slow motion.  But, sometimes, that one click just doesn’t re-create the feeling we experience.  How can we communicate the passing of time without taking forever?  Enter time-lapse photography.  This week we begin our series by discussing what exactly time-lapse is, various capture devices for making time-lapse, essential and optional accessories to get started and what makes a good time-lapse subject.

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How to Capture and Edit Photos for Time-lapse

As photographers we constantly make creative decisions involving time and movement. We use long exposures to accentuate motion over time. We freeze time with fast exposures to capture the power of athletes in motion. Creating time-lapse video is another really fun way to visually dramatize time. It allows us to dabble in a new realm and capture the world of movement that we see around us in new and exciting ways.

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