Long Exposures and Moving Objects

In this video we’re going to switch gears from talking about how to take long exposures and the filters around them, to some post processing. On a normal long exposure photo, there’s not too much we’d do to change things. But once in a while, you may have something moving in the photo that you didn’t want. That’s where some layering techniques come in to play.

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All About Filters

Neutral Density filters go hand-in-hand with Long Exposure photography. So in this video we’re going to take a look at the types of filters we can use out there. Also, the PDF with links I mentioned is included here for you to download. Enjoy!
Download PDF with Helpful Links

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Long Exposure: My ND Filter 4-Step Process

It’s long exposure month in Plus and long exposure goes hand in hand with neutral density filters. I always carry neutral density filters with me to control shutter speed. Good ones are perfectly neutral and don’t affect the color of your scene. They’re like dark glasses for your camera and just like dark glasses, some are better than others.
This video I shot in Kauai of my 4-step ND-process is intended to answer some frequent questions I hear from students using neutral density filters:

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Long Exposure Photography: How to Get Longer Shutter Speeds

In this first video, we’re going to take a look at the basics of shutter speeds in the camera and how we can extend them. There’s of course Neutral Density Filters (ND)… but we really want to save that for last. So in this video we’ll talk about the 3 ways to get longer shutter speeds both with settings in the camera as well as when filters come in to play.

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Hi Again! Let's Talk Long Exposure Photography

I hope you’re summer is off to a great start. As always I’m really excited to be back here at ON1 Plus as a guest coach for the month. And I’m also excited to share a new course I’ve been working on – Long Exposure Photography and Editing. I’ve been a fan of long exposures ever since I clicked my first 60 second exposure 🙂 Ah… the feeling of waiting 60 seconds for a photo…

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