Making The Best of A Shoot Gone Wrong

I’m just back from an epic 10 days with my family, photo gear and some kitesurfing friends on the Sea of Cortez. Excited to see a clear dawn forecast with a new moon rising over La Ventana Bay at blue-hour, I got up early one morning only to find an unexpected marine layer blocking it. In this video I’ll talk about how I try to shift photographic gears and work in new ways when things don’t go as planned. I’ll also talk about my strategies for balancing my passion for photography with enjoying my family when we’re all on trips like this.

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Restoring a Photo

Hi again everyone, I am having a ton of fun this month in ON1 Plus, thank you for watching my videos and leaving comments. What we’re going to cover today is a little different, restoring a scanned film negative photograph. It doesn’t matter if you’re editing scanned film or digital file but there are some considerations. Black and white conversion is a great way to enhance a photos story or mood. I hope you enjoy, as always leave comments and questions below.

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Spring into High School Senior Season

I was honored to be a part of the Spring into Summer campaign and jumped on board with a fun video on High School Seniors.  As we head into summer, Senior season is in full swing for a lot of studios. At the beginning of the season I enjoy creating a few new presets, inspired by my first couple sessions. Styles and trends are always evolving as well as my mood can vary when I am editing the start of a new season of seniors.

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