Now Available – ON1 Photo Kit: Expert Blending Techniques

Now Available – ON1 Photo Kit: Expert Blending Techniques by Hudson Henry. The perfect Photo Kit for any level ON1 Photo RAW 2018 user looking to learn more about focus blending, merging panoramas, HDR techniques, and workflow steps to help you remove distractions and get the best out of your blending – now available for a limited time!

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Tech Talk – Blending Modes

I remember in school (all those years ago) we used to combine multiple photos either in camera or in the darkroom by sandwiching multiple negatives together. It was a difficult and exacting process, or simply unpredictable at times.

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Texture Blending Basics in ON1 Layers

Scott Davenport’s techniques for texture blending in ON1 Layers are great skills to learn for enhancing your landscape photos. In this free bonus video, Scott goes through the basics of blending in ON1 Layers. He also covers everything from installing and choosing textures, to blending mode tips and tricks, and adding textures to landscape photos for a finishing touch.

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The 4 Blend Modes You Need Most

There’s been a lot of talk about blend modes lately, so I thought I’d do a quick introduction to them. The video below is just a start, but it’s a good one I think. There’s a bunch of blend modes and it’s easy to get confused, so I broke it down to the 4 blend modes you need most. Enjoy!

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