ON1 Photo 10 – Re-editable Smart Photos

See a fall photo edited start-to-finish using ON1 Photo 10. The re-editable Smart Photo technology allows you to work non-destructively and is something we introduced in Perfect Photo Suite 9. In this short clip, Dan Harlacher shows how this feature has been enhanced in ON1 Photo 10. Follow along closely and you’ll also be able to see some of the new features at work in Browse, Enhance, and Effects.

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ON1 Photo 10 – New Filter Stack in Effects

The filter stack in ON1 Effects (part of ON1 Photo 10) has undergone some great new changes. You can still work the same way you did in the previous version, but you can also learn some new ways to work. Dan shows how the new options make it easier to find, add, and adjust filters.

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Your Photo… Our Look (Episode 10)

The latest episode of Your Photo, Our Look is up. This week I got to edit a night photo, a portrait, and a photo of the Air Force Thunderbirds taken at an air show. I even snuck a quick peak at ON1 Portrait 10 in there :-) As always, my goal with these videos is to be very respectful of your time, and get as much done in as little time possible. Okay, what’s next? Well first, I’d love to hear your feedback. So PLEASE leave a comment below. It’s feedback like yours that brought up this idea and I know feedback will help make it better.

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Publishing to Photo Via with Browse

Many of you haven’t heard of Photo Via, our latest mobile app for iOS. It makes it easy to sync your favorite photos in Lightroom with your mobile devices. In Lightroom you can select what you want to sync; from individual photos to smart albums to folders or even your entire photo library. This synchronization is done wirelessly using cloud storage services you already use (like Google Drive and Dropbox). One of the big benefits being you don’t have to sign-up and pay for another service.

Once your photos are synced to your mobile device you can view, search and share them easily. It’s perfect for adding your portfolio, recent vacation pics or latest job to your iPhone or iPad for on-the-go viewing. You can even view and change the rating and flags on your photos (via your mobile device) and those changes sync back to your desktop.

You can use Photo Via today if you have Lightroom. However, coming this fall you will be able to use it inside of the next generation Browse module. Even better, early in 2016 we will be adding two-sync photo sync. That’s right! Photos you take on your iPhone (or even iPad if that’s what you do) can be automatically downloaded and added to ON1 Photo or Lightroom. Then you can manage and edit them just like your other photos.

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Your Photo… Our Look (Episode 9)

Your Photo… Our Look. This popular video training series features your images, edited by Matt Kloskowski. Watch how Matt would process user submitted photos with his vision using LR and ON1 apps. Each episode features 3-4 different photos. This case-based approach is a fun way to discover new editing methods and creative ideas.

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