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Photo Workflow Mastery – Artistic Expression

We have reached the point in our workflow where the most excitement is generated, Artistic Effects!  While it is much more fun to apply creative effects than to get our images technically perfect, it is important that we do not “jump the gun”.  The initial movements we make with Tone and Color in our workflow set the stage for the Artistic Effects.

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The First New RAW Processor in Years, ON1 Photo RAW

The Future of RAW Photo Editing – Coming this fall – Includes support for over 800 cameras
Portland, OR – April 26, 2016 – ON1, Inc. today announced ON1 Photo RAW, the first all-new RAW processor and non-destructive raw photo editor released in years. With modern code optimized for today’s super-megapixel cameras and high-performance computer graphics systems, Photo RAW will be the world’s fastest, most flexible, and easiest-to-use RAW processor and photo editor on the market when it is released this fall.

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Photo Workflow Mastery – The Importance of Color

It is practically impossible to go any further in our Photo Workflow Mastery course without taking a strong look at Color.  There are a lot of tools that you can use to edit the colors in your images, but I have to ask you one question.  Do you know what those color adjustments are doing to the color relationships in your image?

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Photo Workflow Mastery – Toning Your Photos

When it comes to workflow, it is critical to know what is happening to every aspect of your photo as you edit it.  One of those elements that we discussed in Part 1 was Tone.  Sure you may have manipulated a Tone Curve and modified your Highlight and Shadow adjustments here and there, but did you know what was happening to your photo as you made those moves?

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Photo Workflow Mastery

We live in a time where photo editing is getting easier and easier.  From Auto Adjustments to Sliders and Filters that do a lot of the work for us, you’d think image editing would be on autopilot, right?  The truth is, these features are great but if you have no idea how they operate you could be doing more harm than good in your workflow.

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Are Photo Plug-ins Dead?

A few weeks ago, Google® announced the Nik® Collection of plug-ins—which Google has owned since buying Nik Software in 2012—would now be a free product. This sent a few shock waves through the photo industry, and in the last few weeks, here at ON1 we’ve seen a bunch people asking if we’d follow Google/Nik by making our plug-ins free too. How would we compete? What was our plan?

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April Plus Rewards

Hey ON1 Plus members! Here is your Plus Rewards for April from our friends at 2 Lil’ Owls. Download the Lighting Vignette Effects Preset Pack and Textures

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Hudson's South Padre Trip: Part 1

I just sat down and read Matt’s amazing “What Inspires You: Part 2” post. What a great piece and such thoughtful comments in response. It inspires me to showcase a few images from the first 24 hours of my family’s South Padre Island kitesurfing trip. Most of the images were taken in tourist mode. They are meaningful to me and document the trip, but they will never be in my portfolio. The image above from tonight is special, but… I’m getting ahead of myself.

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