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Hi everyone! We know you’re all excited get your hands on the new ON1 Photo RAW app we’ve been busy building for you. Our developers are working very hard and things are coming together nicely.

ON1 Photo RAW is now available for pre-order. Wait! Before you go crazy, remember if you are an active ON1 Plus Pro member at the time ON1 Photo RAW is released you get ON1 Photo RAW at no additional charge.  Again, if your Plus Pro membership is currently active on the release date you will receive a copy of ON1 Photo RAW absolutely free, and own it forever regardless of when your membership expires.

Check your membership status here! Still not sure!?! Our support team can check for you. Contact them here.

More FAQs:

When will the ON1 Photo RAW beta be available ?

Exclusively, Plus members will get to download the ON1 Photo RAW beta version sometime in October. Development is coming along nicely and, the beta version will be feature complete and stable build. This beta period will help us identify any lingering bugs not already uncovered by our QA team.

How will I receive ON1 Photo RAW?

If you’re a currently active ON1 Plus Pro member when it is released we will send you a email announcing its availability with further instructions.

Is ON1 Photo RAW Really ON1 Photo 11?

Yes. This is the next generation of ON1 apps. It’s meant to be the next version of ON1 Photo 10, not a brand new product/app that you’d use along side Photo 10. With that said, you will notice how your ON1 apps that you’ve come to love are going to be SO MUCH BETTER!

Will I Still Be Able to Use Photo 10 If I Want To?

Yep. You bought it. You paid for it. It’s yours forever.

Will ON1 Photo RAW be subscription only?

No. It’s not a subscription. Even if you get Photo RAW as part of your Plus membership, it’s your software to download and keep forever.

Will I Get ON1 Photo RAW as part of my Plus Pro membership?

Yes. As long as your membership status is “currently active” for Plus Pro, you will get whatever updates and new versions of the ON1 apps that come out.

How do I know if my membership entitles me to ON1 Photo RAW?

You can check this in your account settings area here on the site. Here’s how to check.

Step 1: Click on your Profile/Headshot+name icon in the top right of this page (you must be logged in to the coaching site while doing this, not the full ON1.com product website).

Step 2: Click on Account Overview. 

Step 3: Click on Memberships

Step 4: If the Expiration date reads December 1st, 2016 or later, you’ll definitely get ON1 Photo RAW as part of your current membership.

Does that mean that Photo RAW won’t come out until around December 1st, 2016?

No. It’ll be out in the fall of 2016.

What about if my expiration date is before December 1st, 2016?

Then that means your Plus membership expires before the next version of the ON1 apps come out. You’ll have to make sure you’re a current Plus Pro member, to get the next version. (see next question)

Okay… I realized my Plus Pro membership expires before December 1st, 2016. I want Photo RAW. How do I make sure I’m a current member when it comes out?

Simple. When your Plus Pro membership is due to renew, you won’t need to do much. Just follow the instructions in the renewal email and you’re good to go for the next version of the apps.

If you have questions regarding your membership status please contact our support team.

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