ON1 Essential Guide to Landscape Photo Editing from Matt Kloskowski

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Take control over your landscape photos in this NEW ON1 Photo RAW 2019 course from ON1 Guru and Ambassador Matt Kloskowski – Now available.

This new ON1 Course from Matt is unlike any other course Matt has ever created! Learn how to master the landscape workflow in ON1 Photo RAW 2019, starting with the sky and clouds, the differences between sharpening and dynamic contrast, and explore the entire landscape workflow in ON1 deeper than you ever have before. This course will help you navigate the new changes in ON1 and figure out how to put them to work in your photos. It features over 3.5 hours of video training specific to Landscape Editing in ON1 Photo RAW 2019, PDF cheat sheets, and follow-along raw files.

Learn key concepts like how to edit dark shadows, bright highlights and add some extra lighting to photos to really make them stand out. Adjust the sky and clouds in your photos and learn how to replace a very difficult sky. Along the way Matt explains the tools for a very repeatable workflow.Learn the best ways to adjust exposure, tone and shadows and go into the difference between Midtones and Shadows as well.

Find out a little more by watching a quick 60 second video clip about the 3 key areas in the course.

“My guess is that many of you reading this page may have seen a tutorial or course from me (or some one else) before. So what makes this one different?


I think the main thing that separates this course from others that I’ve done is the fact that I took a different perspective on landscape workflow. Rather than show a bunch of start-to-finish tutorials that may or may not be similar to your photos, I approached this course from the perspective of topics that affect ALL landscapes. Topics like color, clouds, contrast to name a few. And rather than just show you a formula or recipe, I dive in to the nitty gritty of settings in places like the various sharpening controls and dynamic contrast. What this boils down to is that I feel like this course will give you the tools to confidently work on your own landscapes and feel really comfortable with the settings you use.” – ON1 Guru and Ambassador Matt Kloskowski

Course Duration: Over 3.5 Hours of Video
Lessons: There are 21 lessons that start with the basics and extend from there. Each one is between 7-15 minutes long so they’re easy to watch, and you’ll learn a key concept in each one of them.
All Photos to Follow Along: If you like to follow along, all photos are included so you can sit at your own computer and try everything out.

******* BONUSES (not available after December 11th) *******

1. Start to Finish Walkthroughs: There are 3 full start to finish walkthroughs that show you the entire workflow (an additional 30 minutes of video on top of the 3.5 hours above)

2. PDF Cheat Sheets: A 98 page PDF that has a short outline of each step and lesson.

Course Topics
• Lesson 1: The New workflow in ON1 2019
• Lesson 2: Evaluating a Landscape Photo For Editing
• Lesson 3: Adding Light
• Lesson 4: All About Sharpening for Landscapes
• Lesson 5: Dynamic Contrast Deep Dive
• Lesson 6: Adding Size and Scale in Wide Angle Photos
• Lesson 7: The Best Way to Adjust Color
• Lesson 8: How to Change Colors
• Lesson 9: Adding Glow and Atmosphere
• Lesson 10: Fixing Spots and Other Distractions
• Lesson 11: Cloud Enhancing Techniques
• Lesson 12: Adding Sun Rays
• Lesson 13: Replacing a Sky
• Lesson 14: Adding a Reflection
• Lesson 15: Luminosity Masking Basics
• Lesson 16: Blending Sun Flare / Sun Stars
• Lesson 17: Focus Stacking
• Lesson 18: Panorama Workflow
• Lesson 19: The New HDR Workflow
• Lesson 20: Stars & Night
• Lesson 21: Midtones and Shadows Sliders (and the Difference)


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  1. On December 8, 2018 at 12:01 pm James Allen wrote:

    Matt will these techniques work with JPGs also or will they olly work with Raw images?

    Jim Allen

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