March 15, 2021 | 3416 Views | By Hudson Henry

New Product – Mastering Contrast in Raw & Free Presets

An all-new ON1 Photo Kit – Mastering Contrast in Raw– Shooting & Editing for the Histogram by Rick Lepage and Hudson Henry. Rick and I teach workshops in beautiful places around the globe every year (well, most years, this past one was an anomaly), and one of our core teaching principles is the idea that your work in the field informs your work on your computer and vice versa.

Order this all-new product by Hudson Henry and Rick Lepage here. If you are an ON1 Plus member, look for a special discount on this sent to your email.

We’ve all heard it, “Shoot this way, adjust here, add this preset, mask here, print this way!” Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a “best-kept secret” that is guaranteed to get you better photos? Well, you’re in the right place.

Understanding that connection is, in our view, one of the keys to becoming a better photographer. And for us, the secret to that is the histogram. Histograms are like the Rosetta Stone for understanding your image data, regardless of how and where you view them. On a workshop, it’s a delight for us to see the light go on inside someone’s head when we spend a few minutes explaining the histogram: first in the field, and the next day during class time. Once you ‘get it,’ the histogram becomes the tool for going from previsualization to finished image; it ties neatly into all
aspects of photography.

This is a Photo Kit you don’t want to miss. We include a 7 lesson video course (over 3 hours of run time), a 25 page companion eBook, 20 ON1 presets, 20 skies to use in sky swaps, and a couple of bonus videos.  For now, here are 4 free presets to download and use in ON1 Photo RAW.

Here are some before and after examples of the presets in action. You can order the entire new ON1 Photo kit here.