In-Sync with ON1 Photo RAW

Most of us have more than one computer we work on our photos with. I have an iMac I use at home for my main editing. It has a beautifully huge display. It’s where my photos live.

I also have a laptop I use when traveling, or when I want to sit on the couch. There are lots of ways to get your photos on both computers. I use Dropbox but there are lots of other great and inexpensive cloud syncing solutions (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc). Most of this storage is darn-near free. If you have an Office 365 account they give you 1TB of OneDrive for free. Same thing if you have Amazon Prime, you get unlimited free Amazon Cloud Drive storage. Cloud storage is great. It gives you an online backup you can access anywhere and automatically manages keeping your photos in sync across multiple devices.

You can also use a file server or NAS drive. These are common place in work environments. Many photographers who work in studios use these to store there photos on a private internal network where the photos can be accessed from multiple computers.

Of course there is the tried and true external hard drive as well. You just take your photos with you and connect the drive to whichever computer you want to work on.

The trouble comes with raw photos. Most raw editors store all the non-destructive edits and adjustments as well as metadata in a catalog file living on one computer. That means the photo will only look as intended on that one computer. In order to share the photo and its settings you have to move that catalog from computer to computer, often dealing with broken links.

In ON1 Photo RAW this works differently. There is no catalog to have to move around. Instead you can enable the sidecar feature which creates tiny sidecar files for each photo that you change metadata or make edits and adjustments to. Those sidecar files get copied and synchronized along with the photos, using any of the methods mentioned above. Then when you view those photos on another computer, they scan those sidecar files and show you your photos as you intended. There is no catalog to move, no files to copy, no broken links and no conflicts to resolve. Best of all, it uses whatever method or service you prefer. You are not locked into one companies account or ecosystem. You can even use multiple services and methods at the same time. We think this will be a simple, effective and open method for keeping all your photos in-sync on all your computers.

So, tell me what you think. Do you use multiple computers? How do you keep your photos up to date? Do you have multiple people in your studio who need access to the photos?