Create Dramatic Architecture Images

Learn how to blend photos into a panorama really fast and create a beautiful dramatic architectural image as the end-result. ON1 Photo RAW 2018 makes it really easy for us to blend our images together, so that makes it easier for me while shooting to not have to dread the post-production of shooting Panos. For this inspiration video, I’m going to take you on a trip from Istanbul to Manhattan and let you know my thought process for capturing with the camera all the way to post-production with ON1 Photo RAW 2018.

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ON1 Workflow – Creating a Beautiful B&W Seascape

Black & White tones are great for creating a beautiful seascape photo. A powerful tool in ON1 Photo RAW 2018 allows for greater control and creativity in your photo editing. Specifically, Luminosity Masks allow you to selectively edit and apply effects to just the tones you want. If it sounds complex it REALLY isn’t. In fact, this technique will help your photo editing workflow become faster and more efficient. This works particularly well when editing landscape photos (or seascapes such as this one), and is perfect for enhancing a boring sky.

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ON1 Workflow – Using Luminosity Masks to Selectively Apply Effects

Luminosity masks are a go-to tool of mine when shooting sunsets, or trying to make a subject and a sky stand out. Join me in this complete, start-to-finish ON1 Workflow edit using luminosity masks to accurately post-process and apply filters to specific parts of this image. You can download the practice file and full video in this post.

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ON1 Workflow – The Shadowed Landscape

Pointing your camera into the sun can make a great photograph. However, doing so usually leaves those backlit foreground elements in deep shadow. In this start-to-finish workflow video, watch ON1 Guru Scott Davenport harness the power of Local Adjustments and ON1 Photo RAW’s masking tools to even exposure and color tone of backlit, shadowy subjects.

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Your Photo. Our Look: Photo Raw 2018

Back by popular demand, here’s the first Your Photo. Our Look video using the all new Photo Raw 2018. We asked the On1 Plus community to send us their images to edit as if they were ours. It wasn’t easy to choose from all the amazing images, but these three caught my eye and I had a blast using Photo Raw 2018 exclusively to do the work.

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