Travel & Planning Trips – ON1

Setting Up Shots and Gear I Use in the Field

More often than not, travel photography is amazing. On the overwhelming majority of the trips I’ve taken, I come back with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of photos with portfolio shots that I can pull out when needed for years to come. This trip to Oregon I took late last month did not fit into that category!

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A Few Tips for Planning Trips

Hey everyone! The response to my last video (watch it here if you haven’t already) has been incredible. Thank you so much for all the comments, stories shared, and extra tips. Great to know there are so many other “weird” people out there 🙂

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How I Travel Regularly Without Going Into Debt

It goes without saying that if you want to be a travel photographer, you’re going to have to travel every now and again. In this video, I touch on my strategy for planning trips ahead of time and making sure they’re paid off before the plane takes off.

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