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The 5 Best Wedding Lightroom Presets

In your wedding photography, capturing the essence of someone’s special day is as much about the subtleties of post-processing as it is about skill. Lightroom wedding presets (a wedding photographer’s secret weapon) offer professional and amateur photographers a powerful tool to transform their shots with a single click.

Wedding Lightroom presets provide many aesthetic options to suit every couple’s unique story. From soft vintage tones to vibrant modern color grading, wedding Lightroom presets ensure that every moment is captured in its most flattering light. Not to mention, presets streamline your editing process so you can get your finished photos back to your clients faster. In this guide, we’re discussing the five best Lightroom wedding presets from around the web to ease your workflow and set your images apart.

  1. ON1 Signature Collection
  2. G-Presets
  3. Archipelago Presets
  4. Nicolesy’s Matte Presets
  5. Honey Presets

ON1 Signature Collection Presets, Vol. 1

One of our favorite wedding photography presets is the ON1 Signature Collection Presets, Vol. 1. This collection contains a generous offering of 60 free Lightroom presets crafted using the sophisticated adjustment tools found in Lightroom. Recognizing that every photographer has a unique style and every wedding has its own character, ON1 provides a wide range of presets to suit different tastes and themes.

What makes these wedding photo presets particularly appealing for photographers is their ability to make wedding photos truly pop. The ON1 Signature Collection offers more than basic color adjustments; each preset has been finely tuned to bring the smallest details to life. From the subtle glow of a sunset ceremony to the vivid hues of a floral arrangement, these wedding photography presets offer nuanced adjustments that elevate your imagery.

  • Created By: ON1
  • Price: Free


G-Presets, crafted by wedding and portrait photographer Greg Petersen, have emerged as a favorite for their exceptional ability to streamline the editing process. Created with the unique demands of wedding photography in mind, these Lightroom wedding presets offer a blend of efficiency and artistic expression.

What sets Greg’s wedding Lightroom presets apart is their balance of instant impact with customizability. They are an ideal base that can be easily tweaked and adjusted, allowing photographers to imprint their signature style onto each photo. Whether adding more contrast for drama or adjusting the saturation for a softer touch, these presets are versatile tools in any photographer’s arsenal.

  • Created By: Greg Petersen
  • Price: $39-$149, or bundle every desktop preset for $349

Archipelago Presets

Archipelago Presets stands out in the market of Lightroom wedding presets. It’s their goal to craft their preset packs to enhance diverse photography styles while preserving the unique essence of each image. This is a key consideration for wedding photographers who strive to capture the distinct character of each wedding they shoot.

One of the core principles behind Archipelago Presets is their adaptability. Regardless of the photography style (candid, classic or contemporary), these are some of the best wedding presets for adding a layer of refinement without overshadowing the natural elements that make each photo special. The subtlety of these presets ensures that the original charm and authenticity of the wedding images are maintained.

  • Created By: Archipelago
  • Price: $89

Nicolesy’s Matte Presets

The allure of a timeless, vintage look remains popular for photographers worldwide, and Nicolesy’s Matte wedding photo presets capture that essence beautifully. These wedding photography presets are a favorite for photographers seeking to imbue their wedding photos with a classic, ‘faded with time’ matte appearance and nostalgic charm.

Each preset in this collection softens the blacks and adds a subtle split-toning effect, giving photos a gentle, subdued quality reminiscent of vintage film photography. This technique is particularly effective as wedding photography Lightroom presets, as it can add an element of romantic nostalgia to the images, making them appear as if they have captured moments from the past.

  • Created By: Nicolesy
  • Price: Free

Honey Presets

In the wedding photography niche, Honey presets from India Earl are some of the best wedding Lightroom presets for streamlining editing without compromising creative flair. They’re designed to let photographers fully engage with their artistic side and develop a distinct personal style.

A key feature of Honey wedding photography presets is their exceptional ability to preserve natural skin tones. In wedding photography, where capturing the true essence of the bride, groom, and guests is crucial, maintaining authentic skin tones is a real advantage. Honey presets achieve this with finesse, ensuring each subject looks as radiant in photos as in real life.

Moreover, these Lightroom wedding presets are adept at balancing skin tones with various natural lighting scenarios. Whether it’s the soft light of a cloudy day or the golden hue of a sunset, Honey wedding photo presets adjust the overall tonality of the photos to create harmonious, golden tones of honey, with soft whites, punchy colors, and deep shadows. This adaptability makes them an invaluable tool for photographers in the unpredictable lighting conditions typical of wedding venues.

  • Created By: India Earl
  • Price: $200

Wedding Photography Workflow Tips

Want to learn more about how you can get the most from your wedding shots? Check out this short video from a professional wedding photographer and ON1 guru, Mike Long, on his workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Wedding Presets

If you have any questions or just want to learn more about the best wedding presets for photographers, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How Do I Install Wedding Lightroom Presets?

To install your downloaded wedding Lightroom presets, open Adobe Lightroom and go to the Develop module. Right-click on the Presets panel and select ‘Import Presets.’ Navigate to your downloaded presets, select them, and click ‘Import.’ The presets will then appear in your Presets panel, ready for use.

Can Lightroom Wedding Presets Be Customized?

Yes, Lightroom wedding presets can be customized. After applying a preset, you can adjust the settings to suit your specific photo or style. This flexibility allows you to use presets as a starting point and tweak them to achieve your desired look.

How Can I Choose the Best Wedding Presets for My Style?

Look for wedding photo presets that align with your aesthetic preferences and the typical conditions you shoot in. Review before-and-after examples to understand how they alter images. Choosing presets that offer a range of styles and flexibility is also beneficial.

Explore Your Full Potential With ON1 Free Lightroom Wedding Presets

Take your wedding photography to extraordinary heights by exploring the comprehensive range of free wedding Lightroom presets offered by ON1. Whether you want to add a touch of vintage charm, a burst of vivid color, or a subtle, elegant enhancement, ON1’s diverse collection caters to every stylistic need. Embrace the opportunity to transform your wedding photography with presets that enhance, inspire, and simplify your workflow. Browse ON1 today to discover the best Lightroom wedding presets, all available at no cost, and start turning your wedding photos into masterpieces that stand the test of time.