Now Available! Portrait Editing Course by Tamara Lackey

Now Available! Portrait Editing Course by Tamara Lackey. This course is comprised of 7 individual video lessons, sample files so you can follow along with the post-processing techniques and an ON1 preset.

Goodbye Message from Tamara — April Plus Recap

Hi, everyone – I really enjoyed joining the ON1 Plus community this month for our Casual Portraits topic! I hope that this month included a good mix of topics, from lighting to technical settings to interaction to shooting fast-moving subject to posing – and, consistently, the impact of focusing on genuine expression.

Directing Small Subjects in a fun (but effective) way!

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Whether you are photographing your friend’s kids, your own children, your grandchildren, your niece or nephew (or just some adorable little humans you met about five seconds ago), here are a few suggestions that can help you to shoot portraits you love, no matter what the circumstance. Every tip shared below is visually demonstrated in the video clip shared here. 

Fast-Moving Subjects!

Shooting Casual Portraits in and around The Home
This week is focused on photographing fast-moving subjects! There are few things that will help you photograph fast-moving subjects better than working with the correct shutter speed, so here’s a quick overview – or review! – on shutter speed. In my experience, the better you know the ins and outs of each aspect of exposure, the better your images will match that picture you have in your head when you take your shot.

Casual Portraits in and Around the Home

Shooting casual portraits is often one of the most enjoyable ways to shoot. There is not a lot of pressure to produce specific work for a client, or any pressing deadlines. It’s just a matter of enjoying the act of photography while capturing some truly priceless memories of those you care about in often a light-hearted manner.
This week we will touch on three points: aperture, interaction, and a bit on lighting.

An Overview on Photographing Children

We’ll spend this month stepping through various tips and techniques when it comes to photographing casual portraits of children. Let’s start out by stepping through gear and technical setting choices, with a few examples of why certain photographs can be better captured with different lenses, varying technical settings and interactive approaches.

Welcome April Guest Coach — Tamara Lackey!

Hi! My name is Tamara Lackey, and I am very happy to be joining you this month as a guest coach.
I have been a professional photographer for the last 15+ years and, in that time, I’ve mostly concentrated my efforts on shooting portrait, commercial and editorial work. More specifically, I have been focused on photographing children (and child-like creatures).