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ON1 Short Clip – Flexibility of Local Adjustments

ON1 Photo RAW 2017  makes photo editing fast and easy. I concentrate on three things when editing photos: Tone, Color and Style. In this ON1 Short Clip, I use the speed of the Develop module and the flexibility of Local Adjustments to quickly process and style a final image. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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ON1 Inspiration — Looking Back To See Forward

I’m very happy to return to ON1 Inspiration. My sincere thanks to the team at ON1 for inviting me back to share another photo with you. As I write this, I am “armchair traveling,” browsing through photos of past travels to Asia. It has been more than 10 years since I’ve visited Asia. I am excited to return to this area of the world in the summer.

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ON1 Short Clip — Create a “Blue Hour” Effect

Not every sunrise or sunset is golden, but you can flip the script and make a beautiful photo out of a “blue hour.” Watch me bring out the vibrant colors in this scene. Then, with the powerful Local Adjustments tools, I add the finishing touches to complete his photo.

ON1 Short Clip — Create a Dramatic Sky Effect

A sky in motion adds drama, depth, and action to your landscape. In this video, ON1 Guru Scott Davenport shows you how to add motion to your sky using Layers and Effects. The Blur filter in ON1 Effects makes it easy to add sweeping motion to your sky. Using the power of Layers, you can keep your foreground subjects crisp and clean.

ON1 Short Clip — Powerful Black & White Photos

In this Short Clip, I’ll show you how to transform a photo into a power black and white photo using ON1 Photo RAW. I’ll also explain the key differences between the Black & White adjustment panel in Develop vs. the Black & White filter in Effects.


Plus Free Preview: Your Photo Our Look — March 2017

To all of you that have submitted photos for the Your Photo Our Look series… man, oh man… do you make it tough to choose photos to work with. There are so many good ones you have sent in. I stuck with our monthly theme and chose three photos featuring water in some way, shape or form. All of the processing is entirely in Photo RAW.

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Reading the Scene & Culling After the Shoot

In this video, we are heading to the beach! I will share one of my favorite locations in San Diego and talk about how the conditions influence my style of shooting. I’ll also show you the after-shoot culling session in ON1 Browse and explain why I keep some shots and toss the rest.


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ON1 Inspiration – A Crooked Path

When I sit down to post process an image, I have a concept of what the final photo will look like. However, getting to that final image is rarely a straight path. Actually, the path to most of my finished photos is very crooked. There is experimentation involved, and sometimes our vision of an end photo changes as we craft a scene.

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ON1 Short Clip – Give a Dull & Flat Photo Some Pop

Just a few minutes in ON1 Photo RAW 2017 can transform a photo from dull & flat to detailed & vibrant. I use Develop to remove some distractions and then some basic adjustments to enhance the colors in the photo. I’ll then jump to Effects to darken the bottom of the photo with a gradient mask and “apply to”. Once I’m done I’ll boost the detail with Dynamic Contrast and finish off the photo by adding a spotlight vignette.

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ON1 Live: A Landscape Workflow with Photo RAW

Watch the recorded version of this ON1 Live as I take a few of my landscape photos through my workflow in ON1 Photo RAW 2017. I cover beginner topics such as culling and previewing your photos in Browse, processing landscape photos in Develop and Effects, and utilizing Local Adjustments tools to apply edits selectively. I also show some more advanced techniques using the blending options in Local Adjustments and Effects. Toward the end of the presentation, I blend three photos in Layers to craft a scene creating a layered composite. There’s some Q & A, too!

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ON1 Inspiration — My Ever Present Past

A prevalent theme in my photography is water. Whether I’m walking along the beach or walking through a city center, I’m drawn to water. Oceans, lakes, reflecting pools, rivers, fountains – I see one of these, and I reach for my camera. And the photo I share in this ON1 Inspiration episode is no exception.

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Thanks For A Great Month!

I have had such a great time as your guest coach this month. ON1 Plus is such a vibrant community. Open & positive dialog, great questions, and wonderful advice from all corners of the community. It is refreshing to be part of a place filled with photographers that want to improve their photography and are so willing to share their knowledge with others. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it.

I want to leave you with a quote:

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Thrilled To Be Your ON1 Guest Coach For March

Hi everyone!

I’m Scott Davenport and am very excited to be your ON1 Plus guest coach for the month of March. I’m a landscape photographer and photo educator based in San Diego, California. I truly enjoy teaching. It’s a thrill to experience someone’s “Eureka!” moment as a teacher. Those are the moments I cherish… whether I’m teaching photography and post processing, or math & history to my middle-school aged children.

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