ON1 Plus Questions Answered

Hi Everyone! We recently welcomed many new members and have seen a lot of questions from those interested in joining the ON1 Plus community. I wanted to take some time to answer questions about ON1 Plus, provide a recap of the latest Plus content, and suggest ways to maximize your Plus membership.


October Plus Recap & What’s Ahead

Happy Halloween! 🎃 It’s time for another Plus recap and sneak peek of what’s ahead. Of course, we’re very excited to release the next major version of ON1 Photo RAW. The launch is just days away and we think you’re going to love all the new features and improvements. While you wait, here is a quick look back and preview of what’s ahead.


Coming Soon to ON1 Plus: Natural Light Portraits with Matthew Jordan Smith

We are excited to announce an all-new course coming this October to ON1 Plus, How to Create Natural Light Portraits. This course will feature ten video lessons available for download and streaming, FREE for all Plus members.

Special Offer
Not a Plus member? Upgrade to Photo RAW 2021 with 1 Year of Plus! Includes Portrait AI today and the 2021 Launch Pack Bonuses coming this month.

In this new course, celebrity, fashion/beauty, and advertising photographer Matthew Jordan Smith covers the three pillars of photography: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO (as they relate to taking portraits). He includes the tools you need for success, explains how you “see” the light versus how the camera sees the light. 


ON1 Plus September Recap & What’s Ahead

Hi Everyone!

It was a very trying past month for several of us at ON1 dealing with the wildfires and smoke in the Pacific Northwest. We’re happy to say that everyone at ON1 is safe and healthy, although we were all affected in one way or another. We hope the same can be said for our members and friends in the photo community. The rain and winds shifted, and now the beautiful fall weather is upon us—it’s the perfect time to get out and shoot!

In the Plus community, we welcomed back an old friend, Matt Kloskowski stepped in as coach and produced a stellar course on Fixing Common Photo Problems. Hudson had a pair of great videos and Dylan created another How to Shoot episode. The links to all the courses and videos this past month are below. Scroll to the bottom to learn what’s ahead next month. Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.


An Interview with Portrait Photographer Audrey Woulard

Meet photographer and educator Audrey Woulard, we sat down (virtually) for a quick interview to learn about her path into photography. We’re very excited for her to begin creating training videos for ON1, with a new approach to post-processing and a fresh perspective. Read the interview and welcome her to the community below.

Who is Audrey Woulard?

I am a portrait photographer based out of Chicago Illinois. I specialize in teen photography, but I will also photography families as well. In addition to my portrait work, I will photograph a few high profile commercial assignments a few times a year. (more…)

ON1 Plus August Recap & What’s Ahead

Hi Everyone!

We hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing summer. As the sun sets on this warm season, let’s take a moment to revisit this month’s Plus content and take a quick glimpse at what’s ahead next month.


To Our ON1 Plus Pro Members

As an active member of ON1 Plus Pro, we are taking this time to say thank you! You are part of an extraordinary group of ON1 customers. When we first launched ON1 Plus, we included two options to purchase, ON1 Plus and ON1 Plus Pro. The difference being ON1 Plus Pro customers receive the latest version of ON1 Photo RAW, as a perpetual license, as part of their annual membership.


Best of ON1 Plus 2020 & What’s Ahead

ON1 Plus is alive and well. We’ve been working from home, developing new and exciting training materials (and software improvements, of course). As many of you are now spending most of your time at home, we hope this has been an opportunity for you to fuel your passion for photography and take advantage of the membership benefits.


Plus July Recap & What’s Ahead

Hi Everyone,

We’re back for another monthly recap and look at what’s ahead. Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the survey last week. We will listen to your feedback and make Plus even better!


June Plus Recap & What’s Ahead

Hi Everyone! Thank you for being a member of the Plus community. In this recap, we highlight everything from the past month and take a look at what’s in store next month. There was a ton of excellent learning materials in June to help fuel your passion and learn something new, enjoy!


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