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ON1 Plus Live Q&A with Matt Kloskowski

In case you missed it, here is the recording from today’s Live Q&A! The main topic for this Q&A was centered around Layers, but we dive into other topics during the presentation. Watch me answer your questions and walk you through some fun editing processes in this recording. Thanks again everyone that attended and asked questions!

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A Layered Workflow

Continuing on with the Layers theme this month, we’re going to dive in to some workflows for using multiple layers. The main questions that come up are what order do we do things. We have Develop changes, layered changes and even effects. So what’s the right order to work in, and how to we jump across the various modules if we have multiple layers. As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask ‘em below. Enjoy!

To Layer Or Not To Layer?

Hey there! In this first video of mine for my February guest-coaching month, I wanted to talk a little about some of the general concepts behind when we choose to use Layers in our editing. There’s certain things I think should be done at the Raw level, and there’s certain things that we need layers to do – and then (of course to complicate things) there’s tasks that could be done with layers or without—and it’s up to you.

So I created this first video to run through what I think are edits that are best done in the raw editor portion of our workflow, and then some examples of things that we’d need layers for. Enjoy!

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ON1 Photo Raw and Working with Network Drives

A common problem that photographers who work in groups have is the ability for one person to edit a raw photo on a network drive, and another person to see those edits even if they’re at a different computer. The good news is that with ON1 Photo Raw, multiple computers can look at a network drive, and those computers can see the edits that the other is doing. Below is an segment from the Master Courses that I’m doing that demonstrates this on computers that are on opposite sides of the country, but both looking at the same network drive.

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A Start-to-Finish Edit with Matt Kloskowski

See how I edited this photo start-to-finish using ON1 Photo RAW 2017. I’ll start in Develop to adjust certain settings, uses local adjustments (because I love them), and then I jump into Effects to finish off and style this photo.

The New ON1 Browse for Lightroom Users

The overwhelming majority of questions I’ve been getting recently are around my workflow, and how I’ll continue to use ON1 as an extension to Lightroom and Photoshop. If you’re going all-in to ON1, there will, of course, be a ton of training for you to use it as a stand-alone. But I also think it’s important to know that they have a ton of Lightroom fans, that also like, ON1 – And that they didn’t leave us behind. In fact, our workflow remains pretty much intact, with a tiny change that you’ll see in this video.

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Plus Sneak Peek: Differences Between Browsing and Catalogs

(This Video is Open to the Public) I’ve seen a bunch of questions about how ON1 Browse works, and it seems that a lot of folks think it works similar to Lightroom’s Catalog. Well, it’s really quite a bit different and easier to work with in some ways, so I thought I’d do a quick video to explain how some organizing systems work, and how that differs from the way Browse works. Enjoy!

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Editing a Night Photo

I’ve had a few requests on editing night photos lately, so I thought I’d show you one of my edits from start to finish. Also, you’ll get a sneak peak of Photo RAW in this video, just to show you the power of having an editor built for a raw photo, that can take advantage of all that those files have to offer. Enjoy!

A Real Look At Some Differences Between RAW vs. JPEG

I shoot raw almost 100% of the time. But I’ve often wondered if I really need to. Sure, I know the advantages… but there’s so many times where I don’t need those advantages. So this past week I decided to try an experiment while on a trip. Part of the experiment was planned, but part of it was also unplanned, as you’ll see in the video. Enjoy!

A Look (and Edit) of an Old Photo Shoot

I had an older photo drive attached to my computer looking for something, and I came across a photo shoot from a trip I took over 10 years ago. So I figured I’d go through the photos with you, taking a look at what I liked and didn’t like (about what I did 10 years ago), and even edit one of the photos. It was definitely a fun process and got me looking through my older photos again, so hopefully it inspires some of you to do the same. Enjoy!

My Sunshine Glow Brush Effect

If you’ve ever wanted to enhance the look and feel of the sun in your photos, there’s some cool tricks we can do when we combine a bit of brightening with the Sunshine filters (for some glow). In this video, I’ll walk you through a technique I use quite a bit in Lightroom, but it translates really well over in to Effects too. Enjoy!

Helping Make Text “Work” In Your Photos

A while back I wrote a blog post about a few ways/apps to use to add text to your photos. Keep in mind, these were not suggesting alternatives to using Photoshop or InDesign, or Illustrator or whatever manual program you have to adding text. These were some ideas I thought helped you with adding nice and professional looking text to your photos.

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ON1 Short Clip – New Film Strip View

The new film strip view in Photo RAW allows you to easily edit multiple photos at once. You can also fine tune each photo individually without having to jump back and forth between Effects, Develop, and Browse.

Video: Working with Bracketed Photos in Browse

I always show people how I shoot bracketed photos so that I’m covered when I get back to the computer. A popular question that follows up (and I’ve been asked a few times here on Plus), is what do I do with those brackets and how do I pick the best photo. Well, here’s a quick tip in both ON1 and Lightroom that’ll help out.

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Post Your Questions for the Live Q&A Tomorrow!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is my live Q&A here at ON1 Plus. To help me prepare better, I’d love it if you could post some of your questions here. That way, I can make sure I get to them and with some good examples. And while my main topic has been about layers, and I’d love to keep the overall discussion around it, I’ll also take any workflow or other questions you have if we have some extra time at the end. Really looking forward to hanging out with you guys tomorrow… See you then!

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An Interesting Article on Selling Prints

I came across an interesting article today and thought I’d throw it out there to the Plus community. I know we have a good group of people from those that are just starting out, to those that have been shooting for a long time. And I figured I’d ask the question from you guys…

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3 Ways to Add Text To Your Photos

There’s probably going to come a time where you want to put some great looking, professional and beautiful text on to your photos. After all, if you’re going to add text to a nice photo, why ruin it with yucky looking type. So I thought I’d round up 3 ways that I’ve used that work really well. Now, in full disclosure, when I really need to add type to an image I use Photoshop. That said, my typography skills aren’t where they need to be, so it never really looks that good.

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Update From Matt

Hi all! I wanted to give you a quick update about ON1 Plus now that we are half way through the year. I’ve enjoyed all the great questions, posts, videos, and conversations I’ve had in this community and wanted to give a sneak peek about what’s coming the rest of this year, and next!

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ON1 Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve noticed people asking about keyboard shortcuts here and there, so I thought I’d create a post to help out. Here’s what we’ve got for ya’:
1) A way to find out keyboard shortcuts right in the app
2) A PDF download of the keyboard shortcuts, you can print and keep for reference.

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Should You Watermark Your Photos?

Having about 6 months under our belt of reviewing photos here in Plus, I’ve seen the copyright/watermark question come up a number of times. If you’ve watched any of my videos in the photo critiques, you’ll know I’m pretty against that watermark/copyright text in your photos and I usually tell you to remove it. Here’s an example of something I see a lot.

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Print Week: Day 2 – Sharpening, Noise, and Soft Proofing

Welcome to Day 2 of print week. A few of the questions we get a lot when it comes to printing is how much do you sharpen your photos? How about Noise Reduction? And finally, how do you soft proof? Well, today we’ve put ’em all in to one topic, and believe it or not, it’s actually much easier than it all sounds. Enjoy!

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April Photo Critiques

Hey everyone! Here’s the next round of photo critiques. Blake Rudis, our guest coach, jumped in this time to help out as well.

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Are Photo Plug-ins Dead? Matt Kloskowski’s Response to Nik Plug-ins Being Free

A few weeks ago, Google® announced the Nik® Collection of plug-ins—which Google has owned since buying Nik Software in 2012—would now be a free product. This sent a few shock waves through the photo industry, and in the last few weeks, here at ON1 we’ve seen a bunch people asking if we’d follow Google/Nik by making our plug-ins free too. How would we compete? What was our plan?

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Mobile Photography and Editing of Downtown Cincinnati

Last month I spent a couple of days teaching at a conference in Cincinnati. I ventured outside the hotel for a quick walk, really having no thought of taking photos or doing a video. But as I got near the water and looked at the city skyline, I started wishing I had my camera there to grab some photos. Then I realized, I did have my camera – my phone! And I had a video camera too – my phone!

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What Photo Inspires You?

Pretty open ended question huh? I have an idea for an exercise, and I’d love to see a photo (yes, One photo – not a photographer) that inspires you. A photo that you wish you’d taken. If you don’t immediately know where to go to find a photo, try searching/browsing through or, or just do a google search. Just one photo though. Easy enough right?

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Matt’s Iceland Adventure – Day 2 and 3 Recap

Well, I missed Day 2 because we were on the road a lot, so I’m catching up on Day 2 and 3. First off, as I write this I’m sitting on a couch drinking coffee, on a snowy windy morning. There’s basically nothing we can do outside right now. We were out last night trying to shoot the Aurora and Milky Way and it was too windy to even get a sharp photo. This morning is even worse. Snow, and around 25 mph winds makes it a nice day to relax a little and catch up.

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