Product Spotlight: Artsy Couture

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Farewell — I Had So Much Fun!

Hey Everybody!
I can’t thank you all enough for having me this month; it truly was an honor to be able to act as your Guest Coach for June. Portraiture is truly my first photographic love, and I had such a blast showing you my favorite tips & tricks! So many people reached out to let me know that they were excited to try out some portraits of their own, which I know is a big step for so many of you landscape-aficionados. Photographing people should be an absolute joy, not a cause for anxiety, and I can’t wait to see what you all are going to do moving forward! Keep testing out new lighting set-ups, keep working on your posing, keep trying those retouching techniques and keep practicing! It’s how we all, even the pros, get better.

Creative Portrait Post Processing

In my final video, I want to show off all the fun fancy effects I like to use on my portraits during post processing. Keep in mind this part of the portrait editing workflow comes at the very end after I have done all my portrait retouching. Please ask me any questions in the comments section below!

Conscious Retouching

Hi everybody! In this next video, I am going to show you my retouching methods and explain why I use frequency separation to edit portraits in Photoshop. If you’re not a Photoshop user, don’t worry! Jump ahead to 28:50 and I will show you the ON1 retouching workflow.

Simple Lighting Setups

Once you’ve got equipment in your hands and you’re ready to shoot, how do you get started? It can feel intimidating to set-up lighting with no clue of what to do with it. In this video, I delve into some important terms to know about lighting and how to understanding lighting quality in your images.

Studio Basics

Enjoy this wonderful video by Hudson and me that covers everything you need to know about working in a studio. We will cover space, backdrops, equipment, lighting and working with a model.

An Introduction to Working with People and Pets

We’ll start this month of portrait and studio photography with an introduction to working with people and pets. In this video I will cover the basic concepts and nuances involved with shooting these subjects. If you have any questions about this presentation please leave a comment!

Welcome Your June Guest Coach — Liz LePage!

Hi Plus Members, I am SO excited to finally be coaching for ON1! My name is Liz and you may recognize me from some of ON1’s training materials; I’ve been working with them for over 5 years now. I’m thrilled to be focusing on portrait and studio photography this month! It’s a topic I’m both passionate about and well-versed in – 90% of my photography work is portraiture in some form. (more…)

ON1 Short Clip — More Than Develop (Part 3)

In the final episode of this series I want to talk about the panes for adding the finishing touches. These are going to be noise reduction, sharpening, transform and vignette. The final edits you want to make before you share your photo.

ON1 Short Clip — More Than Develop (Part 2)

Hi everybody! In part 2 of this series I want to show off three great panes available in Develop; Curves, Split Tone, and Skin Retouching.