Learn how to shoot basic product photography and blend exposures in this How to Shoot Episode. Photographing objects in the studio is a fun and creative way to learn about lighting techniques and also how to blend exposures in Photo RAW 2020. In this episode, we cover what you need to shoot your objects, how to set them up, how to light them, and finally how to create a stunning photograph utilizing all of the different exposures from your shoot.

Gear Recommendations

Lighting Kit: https://onone.buzz/2SeOYJW

Lighting Kit with Backdrops: https://onone.buzz/34LoKkW

Studio Gloves: https://onone.buzz/35Hn8tK

Canon 50mm 1.8: https://onone.buzz/35Jc2EJ

Sony 85 mm 1.4 GM: https://onone.buzz/2EQRFK5

Canon 100mm Macro: https://onone.buzz/2sN8N0j

Tripod: https://onone.buzz/2tzkubf