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The ON1 Photo RAW Project gives you the chance to be a part of what we're developing at ON1. You have a voice in the future of photo editing. Your ideas will help us deliver the best available apps for photography, give us insight into what's most important, and help spark innovation.

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Share your ideas for new Photo RAW features. Make sure you write a convincing description. Remember, people won't be able to give an idea a high rating unless they understand the idea completely.

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With supporters, your ideas will get higher ratings. In fact, tell everyone you know to support your idea. The more ratings an idea gets, the more likely it will be sent to our product development team.

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After an idea reaches 200 ratings with a 3-star or higher rating, the project team will review the details and begin asking questions. We can't put every good idea into development, but we'll try!

ON1 Photo RAW Ideas

Rick Sammartino has not created his description yet
  • In reply to: auto directory update

    It already does this, it just takes some time to be detected. Sometimes clicking out of the tree and back…

  • Until something like this gets implemented, as a work around you can right-click your photo and either select Reveal in…

  • In reply to: Color enhancer

    This feature already exists in both the Color Enhancer and Color Adjustment filters. It’s all the way…

  • This is called ‘Solo mode’ and is selectable in the Windows menu.

  • In reply to: Shortcut

    Shift – CTRL – S

  • In reply to: Stamped layer refresh

    Why not, the routine is already there. Just run it again and use the same header without making a new…

  • You should specify that you’re referring to filters in browse. There are also plenty of filters in develop and effects…

  • Am I missing something? You can already reset either the original or a version without affecting the other. To try…

  • In the browser in grid view there are already rotate arrows, and in filmstrip view in browse, develop and effects…

  • In reply to: Uniform Cropping Tool

    Perhaps the ability to save a few favorite ratios as presets. Everything else has presets, why not cropping.

  • In reply to: Mouse operations

    Good idea. The right button is barely used in On1. Being able to right click and spin the wheel would…

  • In reply to: Metadata Presets

    Add my vote. We also need to be able to edit the saved keywords list.

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