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Purge unused keywords

I’m aware that in the current version RAW2019 it is possible to manually remove a keyword by right-clicking.
However, it is not currently possible to select more than one at a time.

Importing my lightroom catalog into On1 a whole bunch (More than 5000) irrelevant keywords have been added aswell.
I even dicsided to remove all cataloged folders and go back into LR first to solve some of thtem. (Un)fourtunately On1 kept the keyword in it’s keyword list.

A command to delete all un-used keywords at once would be greatly appriciated.

4 comments on “Purge unused keywords”

  1. On November 25, 2018 at 8:45 am Jean-Guy Bouchet wrote:

    +1 ceci est important d’avoir une liste de mots clés expurgée.
    this is important to have a list of keywords expurgated.

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