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Keyword case sensitivity

Currently, in ON1 Photo Raw 2019, keywords that you add to a photo or photos are converted and saved to lower-case.

For example, if you add ‘Joe Smith’, it will be saved as ‘joe smith’.

This is counter to every other product I’ve used (Lightroom, Bridge, Apple Photos, etc.): they all take what the user enters and saves it, preserved in the exact case that the user entered it.

Summary of how I would like this to work:

  1. I enter ‘Joe Smith’ as a keyword – and it is saved as ‘Joe Smith’
  2. I search for ‘Joe Smith’ or ‘joe smith’ of ‘JOE smith’ and I find photos with ‘Joe Smith’.
  3. I replace ‘Joe Smith’ with ‘joe smith’ and the new value for this keyword is ‘joe smith’.

This is a simple, minor request – but important to me since I use keywords extensively. I don’t understand the user value in converting to lower-case AND saving this changed value. Seems like a bug/oversight to me.

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