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Fine & Micro Contrast as layer and brush

The ability to adjust contrast at the standard, fine and micro levels individually is great, I use it quite a bit in DxO Optics Pro.
To implement these functions on a layer or as a layer mask is great to enhance or smooth/soften details.
To have these as a brush fuction would be amazing so you could smooth skin on a model quickly and or locally, or paint detail in at a fine, micro or both levels in specific places to add definition where you want it.

6 comments on “Fine & Micro Contrast as layer and brush”

  1. On July 27, 2016 at 3:33 am Peter Funken wrote:

    I can do all that in on1 Photo 10.5 today: Open RAW file in Browse, make some adjustments in Enhance, go to Effects and add dynamic contrast as filter, add a black layer mask and brush in the desired effect. That leaves me with 123 MB worth of psd (from 16.2MB Raw file).
    Alternatively I can use Photoshop with Topaz Detail, get a whole lot more of fine and finest adjustments and end up with a psd worth 91,7MB.
    It becomes interesting when I use Capture1 pro. I can paint in fine and micro contrast (two sliders: clarity and structure) with a brush (selection of several brushes) and end up with the original RAW file (16.2MB) plus a “mask” sidecar file of 125KB, plus the adjustments sidecar worth 6.6KB.
    In DxO (V11 Elite in my case) I don’t find three contrast adjustments, only “contrast” and “micro contrast”. Both cannot be applied locally, so DxO is out of the competition.
    What would put on1 RAW ahead of the competition would be the integration of effects and layers (layermasks) into the RAW processing pipeline, meaning no need to store image data in the file at all (exept for export) background layer as placeholder for the original RAW, effects, layers and masks as sets of instructions.

    1. On August 4, 2016 at 6:29 am Keir Gillam replied:

      Thanks for the info guys. It would be nice to have these functions at the raw processing stage but also keep them where they are, just minimising unnecessary swapping modules/software when you just want to process an image straight out of the camera quickly with no extra effects.
      With DxO the 3 contrast sliders are only available when the film pack is installed with optics.
      I do like the idea of the layers into the raw pipeline

  2. On August 2, 2016 at 10:25 am Clinton wrote:

    I also have DXO Optics Pro and do use the microcontrast slider quite a bit in it. But I believe ON Photo 10 addresses this in Dynamic Contrast, it’s just the Contrast slider is in the Tone filter and the fine contrast is in the Dynamic Contrast filter.

  3. On October 23, 2016 at 3:57 pm Lynn wrote:

    Would be nice to see as directly applied with a brush and skip the masking stage.

  4. On November 4, 2016 at 1:52 pm Louis Hecht Jr wrote:

    As a DxO user (with film pack), having this capability embedded within On1 Raw would be super helpful. Having capability with in On1 modules as well as a component within the raw workflow would be quite nice.

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