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Ability to choose JPEG or RAW as primary file when grouping

Currently when grouping is turned on, the RAW file is the main file, would be good to be able to set the JPEG (preferably on a per image basis)

4 comments on “Ability to choose JPEG or RAW as primary file when grouping”

  1. On May 17, 2019 at 7:05 am Jonan Cruz Martin wrote:

    I often use the Filters on the left pane and filter by file type whenever I want to view only JPEG or only RAW files. imo, this makes such a feature unnecessary. However, I would concede that filtering a bit slow and cumbersome, since the filter gets reset when you change to another folder, and enabling the filter again requires quite a few mouse clicks. I would certainly find it useful to have a way to save filter settings as presets that can later be selected in the Filter panel.

    imo, having such a setting on a per-image basis is completely unnecessary, though, since you can achieve the same effect by using star ratings or colors, and then filter by those star ratings/colors, to only view the photos you’re interested in.

    1. On May 20, 2019 at 1:38 am Jonan Cruz Martin replied:

      And it seems I’ll have to swallow my words :)

      Yesterday I was editing some wildlife photos that turned out great in JPEG, so no need to process the RAWs. I found myself just doing some minor adjustments (mostly cropping) a huge bunch of JPEGs, but then I wanted to select which photos (RAW+JPEG) I wanted to keep.

      Since I rely on star & X ratings to classify my pictures, I usually do that when grouping RAW & JPEG is active, so that both get the same rating, but in this situation I wanted to preview the (edited) JPEG instead of the (unedited) RAW.

      Of course, I was able to do that with a combination of filters, ratings & the auto advance feature, but it would have been much easier & faster if ON1 had been able display the JPEG instead of the RAW when grouping was enabled.

      Besides, now I see a point for being able to apply this setting on a per-image basis: when you have them grouped, you could then preview the edited picture that you consider “final”.

      For better usability though, it would be nice to have a label on the top right (or left) corner of each picture indicating whether the displayed preview is for the RAW or the JPEG, just like there is an icon on the bottom right corner that shows whether the photo has been edited and another that indicated whether the photo is a pair of RAW+JPEG.

  2. On May 17, 2019 at 7:12 am Angus Gibbins wrote:

    That is the most cumbersome way around the problem I could possibly think of.

  3. On June 7, 2019 at 12:47 pm Lew Grant wrote:

    I miss this feature from Apple’s Aperture so much.

    SO MUCH!

    Choosing which file type is ‘master’ by default then having the option to swap on a per image basis allows me to use my camera’s excellent JPEGs most of the time (especially if they need no editing beyond rotating and cropping) then switch to the RAW if there is an image that needs WB tweaks or any heavy developing.

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