Next Steps in Layers: Combine, Mask, and Blend Multiple Photos

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Learn what your next steps are in the Layers module of ON1 Photo RAW 2018 as we dig deep into some of the features and capabilities of this powerful module.

Creating beautiful composites is fast and easy with the tools available in Layers. Photo editing technologies such as live blending options, apply to, smart layers, smart photos, and mask refinement tools also make ON1 Photo RAW 2018.1 a more advanced pixel editor without having to launch a separate app.

6 comments on “Next Steps in Layers: Combine, Mask, and Blend Multiple Photos”

  1. On March 24, 2018 at 11:00 pm marc labro wrote:

    hallo Dan,
    very nice tuto about compositing.
    can you please further detail (new video is welcome) how to use photoshop with photoshop layers (preferences and method) as we do in lightroom ? this is not very well documented and all ON1 tutos flatten layers in photoshop before coming back to browse with a TIF (no layers).

    From browse, after on1 adjustments, i use “send to photoshop with a copy of on1 adjustments” so photoshop opens with a Background image which is a flattened layer form ON1, perfect !, i make several layers in photoshop, save and I come back to browse where i see the psd, perfect !. But, If I use again “send to photoshop with original” to re-edit the psd, the layers have been flattened inside photoshop/on1.


  2. On March 28, 2018 at 12:56 am James Thornbery wrote:

    The steps to replace the sky appear to be edited out at around 5:50 in the video. The layer order (top to bottom) of Sky, Rock, Waves suddenly becomes Rock, Sky, Waves plus now there is a mask on the Sky layer. Might be a good idea to leave those steps in the video.

  3. On March 31, 2018 at 6:14 pm edoverst wrote:

    Whenever I click play I get a screen telling me the video is unavailable.

  4. On April 15, 2018 at 7:04 pm Mary wrote:

    Hi Dan,
    Great video. One question, though; when using the masking bug in Layers or any other module, I have not been able to find a way to extend one feather edge longer or shorter than the opposing feather edge.
    Is there actually a way to accomplish this?
    Thanks and best.

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