5 Tips for Setting Up ON1 Photo Raw 2018

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Quickly get up and running in ON1 Photo Raw 2018. Learn easy and simple ways to navigate to your first photos. ON1 Photo Raw makes cleaning up and organizing your photo libraries a breeze. Learn how making cataloged folders and smart albums can help you save time when browsing through your photos. Easily take your photo into the editing modules to make adjustments. 

1. Getting to your first photos

Finding your first photos is very simple in ON1 Photo Raw. It can be as simple as inserting an external hard drive and instantly opening it. You can also use the sidebar icons to quickly navigate to your desired folder of photos.

2. Culling & Organizing

Using keyboard shortcuts can save you lots of time when culling through your photo library. Creating subfolders is a great way to manage groups of photos. Customizable rename controls allow you to modify naming sequences for entire libraries of images.

3. Using Cataloged Folders

Cataloged folders are a great way to enhance your photo libraries. Cataloged folders create small caches of image preview files so that you can browse through folders of photos very quickly. Your metadata is also cached so that you can search for images across all of your cataloged folders and subfolders at the same time.

4. Creating Albums & Smart Albums

Albums are very easy to create and allow you to organize important folders. Using smart albums will allow you to create albums of images using specific criteria such as camera type, shutter speed, and much more.

5. The Editing Modules

Using the right sidebar, you can bounce between your top 5 editing modules in any order. The Browse module is great for finding photos and organizing while the Develop and Effects modules are your creative photo processing powerhouses. The Layers module will allow you to composite and the Resize module will help you with resizing and printing settings. The HDR and Pano modules will be selectable once you have a set of images selected.

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  1. On July 21, 2018 at 6:05 am Philip Zwick wrote:

    If cataloging results in faster viewing, is there a reason not to put all your images into the catalog? Does it make the cache too large, or what?

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