The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom: The Develop Module


Once you know how to get your photos in to Lightroom, the next place you’ll inevitably head is the Develop module. After all, it’s where all the magic happens. In this class, Matt goes over just that. All Develop module and all the features that make it so powerful. You’ll not only learn the key settings, but you’ll get a good feel for what adjustments will work on your photos, and what adjustments are more specialized that you can skip for most of your work.
  1. Working with the Develop Module Panels
  2. White Balance
  3. Exposure and Tone: Portraits
  4. Exposure and Tone: Landscapes
  5. Resetting and Undos
  6. Seeing Before/Afters
  7. Cropping and Straightening
  8. Syncing Changes Across Multiple Photos
  9. Creating HDR Photos
  10. Matching Total Exposures (Great for HDR)
  11. Creating Panoramas
  12. Using the Clarity Setting
  13. Using the Tone Curve
  14. Working with Hue, Saturation and Lightness (HSL)
  15. Creating Black and Whites
  16. Split Toning Photos for Color Effects
  17. Creating Presets
  18. Sharpening Your Photos
  19. Removing Noise
  20. Lens Corrections – Basics
  21. Lens Corrections – Advanced
  22. Adding the Grain Effect
  23. Creating Vignettes
  24. Camera Calibration and Special Profiles
  25. Removing Spots and Distractions
  26. Using the Adjustment Brush to Target Areas
  27. Using the Graduated Filter to Darken Skies
  28. Using the Radial Filter to Draw Attention
  29. Creating Virtual Copies (a.k.a. Versions)
  30. Adding Snapshots to Save your Work

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