The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom: Perfect Photo Workflow & Lightroom

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Lightroom is top on the list of tools that on1’s Perfect Photo apps work with. In this class, Matt will show you the best ways to jump from Lightroom, over to the on1 apps, and then back again. But more than that, he’ll cover the workflow he uses for each app. Some of the most common questions are what edits are better done in Lightroom and what edits are best in the on1 apps. You’ll not only learn where to do your edits, but which tools are best for them and how to make the workflow as simple as possible.
  1. How to jump to Perfect Photo Suite 9 from Lightroom
  2. Using Browse as a Front End to Lightroom to Select Favorites
  3. Getting Your Photos from Perfect Browse in to Lightroom
  4. Layered Workflow from Lightroom to Perfect Layers
  5. Super Sharp Photos with Lightroom and Perfect Layers
  6. Layer Blending and Blend Modes
  7. When to Use Perfect Enhance?
  8. Cloning, Healing and Removing Distractions without Photoshop
  9. Portrait Workflow with Lightroom and Perfect Portrait
  10. Adding and Stylizing Photos with Perfect Effects
  11. Converting to Black and White
  12. Resizing Your Photos Using Perfect Resize

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