The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom: Getting Great Prints


Printing is the final piece in our photo puzzle. And Lightroom has some of the best printing features of any program out there. In this class, you’ll not only learn all the tips and tricks to laying out your prints, but Matt covers everything you need to know to get the color and brightness of your prints to best match what you saw on screen.
  1. Basic Layout Settings
  2. Choosing Your Page Setup
  3. Creating Contact Sheets
  4. Printing Multiple Sizes on the Same Page (Print Package)
  5. Working with Print Cells and Specific Sizes
  6. Customizing Your Print Layouts
  7. Creating Print Presets
  8. Changing the Background Color
  9. Adding Text or Logos on Your Print
  10. Adding Your Signature to a Photo
  11. Soft Proofing Your Prints
  12. Getting Consistent Color Prints
  13. What Happens If Your Prints Are Too Dark?
  14. Saving Your Prints as JPEGs

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