The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom: Creating Presets


Let’s face it. People love presets! They’re like little one-click wonders to help get some great effects on our photos, as well as speeding up our workflow so we can avoid some repetitive edits. But even more than that, presets are a great way to add a consistent style to your images. In this class, Matt walks you through everything from creating presets, all the way to what styles work best as a preset, and exactly how to fine tune your images so they can get the most out of the presets you create.
  1. What Are LR Presets?
  2. Creating a Basic Preset
  3. Stacking Presets
  4. Auto-Fix Presets
  5. Creating Different Intensity Levels of Each Preset
  6. Edgy Looks
  7. Sharing and Installing Presets
  8. Color Stylized Presets
  9. Vignettes
  10. Matte and Vintage Looks
  11. B&W Presets
  12. Organizing Presets
  13. Moving, Saving and Backing Up Presets

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