The Ultimate Guide to Lightroom: Catalogs, Folders, & Backing Up


If you’re a seasoned Lightroom user then this course is definitely one to look at. After spending years teaching Lightroom to tens of thousands of people, Matt created this class to cover some of the most-asked questions about what makes Lightroom tick. At it’s heart, Lightroom works off of a catalog file and that file controls everything that happens with Lightroom. Once you know your way around, you’ll always know exactly where your photos are, where your Lightroom changes are, and how to back everything up in case a catastrophe happens.
  1. What Is A Catalog?
  2. Where to store the Lightroom catalog?
  3. Where to store your photos
  4. Getting Your Photos in to Lightroom
  5. What if you want to move your photos?
  6. Moving Your Photos From One Drive to Another
  7. What Happens When the External Drive is No Longer Attached?
  8. How many photos can a catalog hold?
  9. Creating and Opening Multiple Catalogs – Why and How?
  10. Determining the Default Catalog
  11. How to Move a Catalog
  12. Renaming a Catalog
  13. How to Merge Multiple Catalogs
  14. Where to my changes get saved? (Sidecar or catalog prefs)
  15. Using a Catalog on Laptop and Desktop
  16. Moving a catalog to a new computer
  17. Optimizing Your Catalog
  18. Backing Up Your Catalog
  19. Catalogs and Networks
  20. Catalogs on Mac vs. PC

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