The Posing Playbook… for Kids Who Don’t Do Posing by Tamara Lackey

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When it comes to photographing children, there is one universal truth that remains consistent: most kids don’t really do posing. That being said, nearly all kids are amenable to being moved this way and that and often will take posing direction beautifully – you just often have to use an entirely different language to get them to do so. And much of it isn’t verbal. That’s where this way-more-than-a children posing guide comes into play. By Tamara Lackey.

This new, expanded Posing Playbook, 2nd Edition, contains a wealth of posing ideas, and is far more than just a children posing guide – each final shot comes with detailed Before & After images, as well as all technical settings, metering choices, lighting configurations (and many descriptions of why all these choices were made), brief descriptions of shoots … and, even more helpful, easy bullet points to reference when actually photographing children and families.

  • eBook (PDF 83 MB)
  • 82 high-resolution pages

unnamed-1200x800 Before-After-2-1200x800


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