Scene to Screen: The Core Photo Course – Photographing the West


This premium ON1 Plus photography course is unlike any other training we’ve ever done. The core photo course combines the fundamentals you need for pre-visualizing a shoot, capturing better images and the right approach for processing those files so you achieve the best results.  It is broken into four vital chapters; The Scene, Exposure, The Camera, and The Image. You’re going to learn how to connect with your subject, understand the exposure, which camera settings to use and how to take those images to the next level using ON1 Photo RAW.
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√ Over four hours of premium high production video
√ On Location: In the field footage of a shoot
√ 4 Comprehensive chapters including; The Scene, Exposure, The Camer and The Image
√ Complete workflow training, front-to-back, beginning-to-end post processing videos from start to finish
√ Gear Recommendations
Course Outline:
Chapter 1The Scene 
Lesson 1Why Bears Ears?
Lesson 2Connecting with Your Subject
Lesson 3Composition
Lesson 4Light
Lesson 5Storytelling
Lesson 6Setting up and Navigating Photo RAW
Lesson 7Storage & Backup
Chapter 2Exposure 
Lesson 1Connecting
Lesson 2Exposure Triangle
Lesson 3ISO
Lesson 4Shutter Speed
Lesson 5Aperture
Lesson 6Exposure and the Scene
Lesson 7Basic RAW processing Workflow: What to do where and in what order?
Chapter 3The Camera 
Lesson 1The Journey & The Milky Way
Lesson 2The Lens
Lesson 3Camera Bodies, Camera Sensors
Lesson 4Metering
Lesson 5Focusing
Lesson 6Tripods
Lesson 7Filters
Lesson 8Correcting for Poor Exposures
Lesson 9Sharpening & Noise Reduction
Chapter 4The Image 
Lesson 1Finding YOUR Image
Lesson 2Putting it All Together
Lesson 3Handheld Chasing Light
Lesson 4Crafting the Landscape Image
Lesson 5Action & Motion
Lesson 6People & Portrait
Lesson 7Start to Finish Editing w/ Example RAW files
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