POST II: A Start To Finish Guide To Processing Landscapes

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Product Description

ON1 Guru James Brandon is back with one of his most popular video training series available for landscape photographers. Learn his techniques and how you can apply them in your own workflow!  Each video covers a unique image (raw files included in the download) covering a wide variety of different techniques and styles. Learn start to finish for each image in multiple programs like Adobe Lightroom®, Adobe Photoshop®, and of course, ON1.

“After the incredible feedback I received from my POST I video course, I decided to make a new version containing new images with new and revised techniques. Just like the first version, this course contains 10 videos, each going over a favorite image from my portfolio. Come along as I processes these images from start to finish using a wide variety of different software programs, plugins and techniques.”

– ON1 Guru James Brandon

Product Details

Video Details: 10 start to finish post-processing videos covering 10 different images
Format: All files are .mp4 format, presented in 1920x1080p HD video
File Size: 1.74 GB, 3 hours 55 minutes 43 seconds
User Files: Contains RAW files for each image to use alongside videos (please read permissions file in folder)


About James Brandon

James Brandon is a landscape photographer, workshop instructor and educator residing in Dallas, Texas. A long-time avid Lightroom and ON1 user, James specializes in delivering easy to follow, all-ecompasssing educational resources for many aspects of Landscape Photography. Connect with James at his website.

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