POST: A Start To Finish Guide To Processing Landscapes


This course contains ten videos, each going over a favorite image from James Brandon’s portfolio. Come along as he processes these images from start to finish uses a wide variety of different software programs, plugins and techniques.

  • Downloadable videos (.zip 1.74 GB)
  • 3 hours 25 minutes in HD
  • 26 RAW files (.dng 572 MB)

Many of you asked for it, now it’s here! Between hosting photography workshops, teaching students online and just interacting with other photographers; I’ve gotten many requests for a tutorial going over some of the techniques I use to process my images. I am a life long student of photography and while I’m always learning, one of my biggest passions is teaching others and helping them to fall in love with this craft. Over the years, I’ve developed many different techniques for processing different kinds of images and in this course I tried to include a wide variety of images to cover as many of those techniques as possible.
Each video contains a separate image and in it, I bring you along as I process it from start finish in programs like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, PTGui and products from Topaz Labs, onOne Software and more.

Whether you just haven’t gotten to a place where you enjoy post processing or you just feel as if you’ve plateaued; I truly believe this course will help you. James Brandon

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