Panoramic Photography Course by Hudson Henry

$49.99 $39.99

This fully comprehensive panoramic photography course covers all aspects you need to start shooting this wildly popular style of photography. Spread out over a dozen lessons ON1 Plus coach Hudson Henry covers it all, including in the field considerations as well as post-processing workflows with ON1 Photo RAW. Learn how to get simple and complex captures on the scene and understand the best way to merge in the digital darkroom.

Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 Why Panoramas?
Lesson 3 When to Capture Panos
Lesson 4 Simple vs Advanced
Lesson 5 How to Capture Handheld
Lesson 6 Tripod for Simple Panos
Lesson 7 Advanced: The No Parallax Point (Nodal Point)
Lesson 8 Advanced Capture
Lesson 9 Checking Captures (In Camera)
Lesson 10 Marking Images in ON1 Browse
Lesson 11 Merging in ON1 Browse
Lesson 12 HDR Mergers
Lesson 13 Tone & Develop Settings
Lesson 14 Start to Finish Edit

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