ON1 Master Course: Essentials for ON1 Photo RAW 2017

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Think of this master course as an FAQ for ON1 Photo Raw. While the other classes either talk about workflow, or one specific module in ON1, this class talks about settings and preferences that work throughout the entire suite. We’ll cover everything from backup and indexing, to sidecar files, all the way to presets and preferences.


  1. Introduction and Backing Up Your Photos
  2. What is a Sidecar File?
  3. Backing Up And Saving the Changes to Your Photos
  4. Working on Multiple Computers
  5. Working in a Network and Viewing Photos
  6. What is Indexing and Why Do It?
  7. Working with Presets
  8. Working with Presets
  9. Exporting Photos as a JPEG
  10. Upsizing Photos with Resize
  11. The Preferences
  12. Using ON1 with other 3rd Party Plug-ins


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