Mike Long’s Wedding Presets

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Perfect for weddings, lifestyle, and any portrait session. Every preset can be used by simply adding to your portrait as-is, or you can customize elements to your liking – bringing down the grain, or adjusting the intensity of the saturation, for example.

• 16 presets for ON1 Photo RAW
• Fast nondestructive editing with 100% customizable effects
• With global and local adjustments
• Perfect for RAW files, JPEGs, TIFFs and more
• Super easy to install with just one click on Mac or PC

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Mike Long is a portrait artist based in Portland, Oregon, known for Portland Pin-Ups, the west coast’s premier pin-up studio. A photographer and retoucher for over 20 years, along the way he has captured all styles of portrait from babies to weddings. A regular speaker at the annual WPPI conference in Las Vegas, Mike has also taken his teaching across the USA touring with Sandy Puc, and has also produced workshops in Canada and Australia.

Find more of his work at: | |

Mike Long’s Wedding Presets

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