Macro Photography Course

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The universe is at your feet! Macro photographers play by different rules, there is plenty to discover and many stories to tell. This photography course covers all aspects of macro photography. Don Komarechka is a nature, macro and landscape photographer, and his work has been featured on BBC, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer magazine and more. In this course, you will learn about the approach he uses to capture stunning macro imagery and how he edits his photos using ON1 Photo RAW and Adobe Photoshop.

Introduction video:

This Course Includes:

  • Over two hours of premium video education
  • 11 lessons
  • Four real-world cases with start-to-finish edits
  • 14 raw .CR2 practice files to follow along
  • 36 JPEG files for focus stacking (lesson 10)

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Lighting and Focus
  3. Depth of Field and Diffraction
  4. Background Replacement Creating a Scene
  5. Telling a Story
  6. Beyond Macro
  7. Editing a Soap Bubble on Flower (file included)
  8. Editing a Sunflower (files includes)
  9. Editing a Waterdrop Refraction (files included)
  10. Editing a focus stack (files included)
  11. Conclusion

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