Landscape & Travel Photography with Hudson Henry


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In this video course, ON1 Plus coach Hudson Henry covers the fundamental and advanced elements of Landscape and Travel Photography.  From the ‘rule of thirds’ and the ‘exposure triangle’, all the way to traveling with gear, creating panoramic mergers, and what gear Hudson recommends for traveling.  Learn how to combine all these elements to capture and create your own unique visual story.

Join Hudson as he takes you on a trip into Patagonia, the Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon Coast, and other various locations to teach you how to create the perfect landscape shot while traveling, or in your own backyard!

Video Course Content:

Light – Quality and Direction– 25:53 (225.2MB)

Quality of light and open shade on a bright sunny day.

Composition – 21:26 (227.8MB)

How to use lines, shapes, patterns, the ‘rule of thirds’, foregrounds, backgrounds, filling the frame, and how to use all the principles of composition.

Time & Shutter Speed – 18:19 (193.5MB)

Motion and Time.  One of the three points in the ‘exposure triangle’.  Blurring and freezing motion.

Lenses & Filters – 24:15 (233.9MB)

The window for light to get into the sensor of your camera.  Video covers: different types of lenses, how we uses lenses, what to think about when buying a lens, filters, how lenses and filters can help get the image you are looking for to better tell your story.

Aperture & Depth of Field –  13:03 (132.7MB)

F-Stops, depth of field, and another point on the ‘exposure triangle’.

Low Light & ISO – 35:39 (348.7MB)

How modern sensors and modern technology allows us to capture low-light images like we never have before.  How to capture that perfect shot after a sunset.

Travel Portraits – 30:44 (331.6MB)

Photographing people.  How to work with people, keep them happy, the tools and gear you need, artificial vs natural light, and a different facet of the ‘exposure triangle’.

Traveling with Gear – 24:50 (296.7MB)

How to overcome the pains of traveling with all of your camera gear you need to do good travel and landscape photography.  Tips and tricks to get your gear to and from wherever you may be heading to, and more importantly, how to protect it while traveling.

HDR Mergers –  17:23 (185.2MB)

Using the contrast between shadows and foregrounds.  Capturing all the contrast and tone from a scene on location.  Bracketing and capturing what you need.  How to capture and create HDR images, as well as solve problems.

Panoramic Mergers – 20:59 (211.6MB)

Introduction to, and how to get involved with creating panoramic mergers.  As Hudson likes to say: “go big!”

Timelapse & Video  – 38:56 (600.2MB)

Pushing beyond still photography.  Diving into the motion side of the exposure triangle to create time-lapse and video.

Telling a Visual Story – 21:45 (216.5MB)

Putting together all the elements of your photographic vision to tell the story you want to tell.

Gear – Bonus Video – 20:28 (627MB)

What’s the right gear you need?  What can you live without?  How to make the most of what you have and what to look for.

Exposure Triangle – Bonus Video – 2:54 (44.3MB)

A must know for all photographers.  The basic way to express the variables that go into exposure.


* note: due to the size of some of the videos in this series, it is recommended that customers download one video at a time.

Total Run Time: 5:17:34

Combined File Sizes: 3.87GB

This video course was created by coach Hudson Henry as a free training course for all ON1 Plus members.

Landscape & Travel Photography with Hudson Henry

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