Fine Art Photography Course


A Photomorphis Guide to Fine Art Photography… Ready to elevate your fine art photography skills but don’t know where to turn? Start with this comprehensive video series to enhance your own fine art projects and refine your personal photographic style. You’ll discover new ways of creative thinking along with some powerful digital expertise.

ON1 Plus coach Doug Landreth of Photomorphis shares his unique perspective on all aspects of fine art photography by drawing on the evolution of the craft and his extensive professional background. It’s a fascinating step-by-step process as Doug constructs original fine art images specifically for this video series while explaining the inspiration, artistry, creative choices, and digital techniques that drive him. With a clear understanding of what distinguishes fine art photography from the rest, you can produce artful images that are much more meaningful.

Included with Purchase:

  • 10 Downloadable .mp4 Files
  • Over 2 hours of premium HD video

Course Outline:

Lesson 1 Introduction to Fine Art Photography
Lesson 2 Important Concepts of Fine Art Photography
Lesson 3 Develop Your Own Photographic Style
Lesson 4 Tools for Creative Direction
Lesson 5 Introduction to Post-Processing
Lesson 6 ON1 Step-By-Step Photo Construction #1
Lesson 7 ON1 Step-By-Step Photo Construction #2
Lesson 8 ON1 Step-By-Step Photo Construction #3
Lesson 9 ON1 Step-By-Step Photo Construction #4
Lesson 10 Making It Work for You!

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