10 Essential Photoshop Skills Everyone Should Know


If you’re like most people you probably find Photoshop to be unnecessarily complex to learn and use. This eBook by Trey Ratcliff will help you to push past the initial learning curve. You’ll discover the power of Photoshop and begin to enjoy fine-tuning your photos for personal or commercial use. Trey takes the complex and breaks it down into simple, easy to understand, instructions with helpful before and after views at some of his most amazing photos.

  • An excellent resource for individuals trying to learn Photoshop
  • Step-by-step instruction of 10 essential Photoshop skills (plus a bonus one!)
  • Intimidated by the complexity of Photoshop? You won’t be after learning theses basics
  • Before and after images clearly illustrate the power of this essentials tips
  • Bonus Section: Thoughts on Photoshopping

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Before-After-2-1200x800 Before-After-2-1200x800