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Use Photo Via as a Starting Point of my Raw Workflow

Just got to know Photo Via and I like the basic handling of it. However, would you please offer a possibility to use Photo Via as a starting point of my workflow. There are only a few minor changes necessary:

  • Please provide a possibility to backup my raw-pictures (download from a CF card to the iPhone or iPad). E.g. during a holiday when you don’t want to take a PC with you, it would be awesome to simply backup pictures as well as browse and rate them on a mobile device.
  • Sync my iPhone or iPad without any cloud service. I do not want the pictures on any cloud! Additionally, the capacity of my dropbox is restricted. Instead, I could easily use a flash drive or even a cable to sync my pictures with my computer once I am back home.
  • Provide an overlay of the raw-histogramm. Even if my pictures are not displayed as raw-files, a histogram showing the raw-photo would be a huge help already.

Lightroom is getting something like this already. Let’s be better…

2 comments on “Use Photo Via as a Starting Point of my Raw Workflow”

  1. On December 12, 2016 at 3:27 pm ulmer@ulmer.org wrote:

    I”m not sure that I agree with all of the requirements, but being able to start with Photo Via on an iPad Pro or such would be *very* helpful.

    That is, if I could use Photo Via to copy files with the iOS SD card reader into the Via cloud area, and do quick ratings, culling, etc.

  2. On December 13, 2016 at 2:40 pm chrisb89 wrote:

    Another possibility is to provide an interface to a synology NAS. Synology Photostation has star ratings included. This actually is everything we need for a mobile workflow:
    Backup photos in the field, rate them on the way home and have them on the computer as soon as possible to start editing… no cloud, no complicated file handling in between. Just organize and edit photos…

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