Your Photo… Our Look (Episode 15)

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The first image is a moody Chinatown street photograph of men playing chess. (0:30). I use Enhance to crop and sharpen the image and remove a few distractions before applying and adjusting a Bogart Natural black and white preset in Effects and tweaking it’s Big Softy Vignette Filter. The goal is to really focus the viewers’ attention on what is important in the scene.

The second photo is a wild scene that put the photographer in harms way with both a bear and wolves! (4:30) I use enhance to crop and remove distracting elements before adding a Sunshine preset along with a Radial Blur Filter in Effects to create more dramatic light and a sense of motion that isolates the important story in this image.

In the third image I edit a high contrast scene of horses on a ridge in the Dolomites. (11:00). I use Lightroom CC to crop, selectively darken the sky, tonally adjust, and sharpen the scene, before applying four filters in Effects: Dynamic Contrast, two Color Enhancers, and a Subtle Vignette. The goal is to add contrast and pop to this already excellent photograph

Finally, I show just how much contrast and color you can pull out of a hazy looking landscape photo of a lake with nice clouds. (16:00). I adjust tones in Lightroom CC along with using hue saturation and luminance adjustments, and the dehaze slider to recover vibrance and contrast in the image before moving to Effects for some careful use of the Dynamic Contrast Filter, Color Enhancing Filters and quick and dirty darkening of the lower frame by using a Big Softy Vignette Filter and masking it out of most of the image.

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