Your Photo… Our Look (Episode 14)

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The first photo edited is a cabin (or old saw mill?) overlooking a river (1:00). I used ON1 Enhance to balance the color and sharpen the photo. Then I jumped into ON1 Effects to finish the photo with a preset to accentuate the sunlight shining through the forrest with the Adjustable Gradient Tool.

The second photo is a cool concert photo (5:05) again by using Enhance to crop the photo and put the focus on the lead singer. Concert photos are perfect for using those dramatic presets in Effects and Matt shows a couple really cool options.

The third photo is of a girl on horseback with strong lens flare or haze (7:25). I used Lightroom to refine the tone and get rid of the hazy look. Then I used the Sunshine Filter in Effects to give the photo a glow or warming feeling.

A photo of a cute boy (11:02) gets a popular texture overlay look right from ON1 Effects. And it’s finished by using a hidden trick—the Vignette Center Spot Tool. By customizing the vignette it puts a perfect spotlight on the little guy.

One last quick architecture photo (15:05) is the perfect candidate to be converted to black and white again in ON1 Effects. By playing with the Contrast and Brightness sliders I turned it into a really contrasty black and white.


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