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Pet Portraits – How To Photograph Everything

Who’s ready to photograph some fun pet portraits? Join me on this fun shoot with one of my best pals and get some handy camera and setup tips that will help you work with and photograph pets on your own!

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Shooting Urban Environmental Portraits

Join me in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina for some tips on photographing an Urban Environmental Portrait! Learn my tricks for making a remarkable portrait in the city using different shapes, colors, and textures that we find. Back in ON1 Photo RAW 2019, I’ll give you some tips and tricks on managing the tone & color, highlights and brightness, transform the photo, add a soft dynamic contrast, and the color adjustment filter.

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The Dramatic Look

We’re going to cook up a Dramatic portrait in just a few minutes using different creative ingredients. To start, we will give our photo some basic tonality and color inside of Develop. From there we will mix in some creative filters like Grunge and Glow to give our photo a dramatic look. To top it off we will smooth out her skin using the Portrait tab.

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The Magic Forest Look

Get ready to stir up some style in this Magic Forest Look. We will begin by setting our tone and color inside of Develop. From there we will mix in some Sunshine and Dynamic Contrast for a boost of light and detail. To top off and garnish, we will add a tiny bit of a Vintage filter.

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The Matte Look

In the Matte Look we will give some vintage style to a modern photo. We will begin with a Curves filter to add the faded and matte look. Then we will bring in some Sunshine to pull out colors and midtones. We will then stir in some Dynamic Contrast for detail and then a Cross Process filter to taste.

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Masking in ON1 Photo RAW 2019 – ON1 Recorded Webinar

ON1 Software Educator Dylan Kotecki is back to show you how to mask inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Join him live as he shows different masking techniques and workflows.

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The Vintage Look

In the Vintage look we will create a retro look by mixing in a few filters and some basic tonality. First let’s set the tone and color inside of Develop. From there we will stir in a LUTs and Vintage filter to add the old school style. Then we’ll top off with a light leak and a vignette.

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The Painting Light Look

Easily paint light into your photo to stir up the style. Start by cropping and developing the tone and color. Add a Sunshine filter to add some contrast and fall color. Mix in a couple local adjustment layers so you can add light and dark into specific areas. Finish with a Vignette to taste.

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The Elegant B&W Look

Prepare an elegant black and white photo from scratch. First bring out some tone and color inside of Develop. Then take the photo into the Portrait tab to add some retouching. Finally, mix in black and white to stylize and finish.

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The Cinematic Look

Cook up a cinematic look in minutes. Use exposure, shadows, and blacks to reveal some underlying tonalities. Apply different filters such as Split Tone and Curves to add cinematic style to the photo. Top it off with a local adjustment gradient and modify to taste.

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The Perfect Postcard Look

Create a stylish postcard look that will leave a lasting taste. Start by cropping and centering to a postcard size. Boost the tone and color and add stylistic filters to bring out the warm and deep colors. Garnish with a Border and text to finish.

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The Dreamy Landscape Look

Cook up a dreamy scene with a few contrast, mid-tone, and shadow ingredients. From there we will stir in some colorful and creative filters to bring out the dreamy colors.

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The Moody Photo Look

In the Moody photo look we create a moody and gloomy image from scratch. We will brighten up our photo a bit to reveal some underlying tones but not enough to offset the dark mood of the image. We will then add in some contrast to make the image pop. To give our photo a moody feel we will add a Matte preset that will apply a nice faded, overcast look.

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The Color Film (Wedding) Look

Using the Color Film (Wedding) look we will emulate a vintage color film look with the grain and all. To bring our photo to life a bit we will brighten up the exposure and mid-darker tones. We’ll also bring in some detail and contrast with our blacks slider. Finish with Film Grain, a little Bleach Bypass, and a Simple Warm LUT.

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The True Color Look

The True Color photo look we will bring out the bright and vibrant colors in our photo while maintaining it’s true color. Take care of the prep work in the Develop tab, add some structure to give the scene some detail, and finish in Effects for slightly more color and a vignette.

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