ON1 Short Clip — Non-Destructive Skin Retouching

Hey everyone, I’m Whitney from Bliss Studio and I want to talk to you about one of the many new features in ON1 Photo RAW.

Being a professional portrait photographer, taking pictures is just the beginning. A big part of my job is prepping photos for selling. I can’t use photos straight out of the camera. Customers today expect every photo to be finished and look great. I also sell more when they are. Often times I don’t have the time to go through and retouch hundreds of photos when the customer is only going to order a handful. That’s where the new Skin Retouching filter and non-destructive workflow in Photo RAW will help.

I simply open a photo from the shoot in Develop or Effects, then add the Retouching Filter. I adjust it for the photo I’m working on (reduce blemishes, smooth out the skin, reduce shine, even out the color, and so on). It works based on skin color to know where to apply the retouching. I then jump back to Browse, and sync those settings across all the other photos from the shoot.

Every photo now has the retouching applied – like magic! I use a pretty subtle settings; I prefer a natural look that you barely notice. It’s perfect for high school seniors and weddings. And, since it’s non-destructive I can easily go back and adjust it or turn it off later.