ON1 Inspiration — Episode 2: Working With Animals

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Horseback riding is in my blood, it always has been. My grandfather owned a horse farm when I was growing up, where I first learned to ride. My mother loved riding when she was a girl and spent many summers galloping bareback through apple orchards. Even my father, who spent many years disliking horses, ended up becoming a horseback rider. There are some things we’re given by our families, and my love of horses is definitely one of them.

I’ve been riding since I was a child and it has strengthened my love of photography. After many years of intense training, I got involved in horseback riding competitions, or horse shows. Unfortunately, I never took well to competing (I get way too nervous!), but I did enjoy taking pictures of others doing it. My dad would kindly lend me his camera and I’d be off to wander the grounds, shooting photos of both idle & athletic moments alike.


These days, I still attend horse shows and take photos for friends and family, however I’ve developed a deep fondness for capturing the quieter moments between horse and rider. Through this type of intimate portraiture, I’m still able to connect with the animals I love and create, for me and my clients, more meaningful imagery. It thrills me to no end that I get to work with horses; to me, they’ve always been shockingly intelligent, unbelievably kind and magnificent animals, so capturing them is a dream come true.

For this ON1 Inspiration, I wanted to give you all a taste of how I work with horses (and other animals). Along with some tips and tricks on photographing them, I’ve also included a few of my favorite editing techniques. Animal photography isn’t always easy, and editing can get tricky, but hopefully this video can help you in the future.

The ON1 Effects 10 preset included is based on a selective editing technique that I use quite regularly. After you watch the video you can download the preset, you can use this list of filter descriptions to help you remember what each filter layer does:

  1. The first Color Enhancer filter is for reducing YELLOW & GREEN on your subjects.
  2. The Dynamic Contrast filter is for adding crispness to your subjects.
  3. The second Color Enhancer filter is for increasing ALL COLOR in the background.
  4. The Sunshine filter is for making the contrast pop in the whole image.
  5. And the Lens Flare filter is for an added styling in brighter photos.

Happy editing!

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